Changes in the Lions’ Den

Sunday night we both had trouble sleeping. For some reason, Sunday night is usually bad for me. I guess I’m already thinking about things I need to do in the coming week and it messes with my head so I don’t sleep well. This past Sunday was, of course, the night before Lion’s first day of work. I think I was nervous for him. I knew he’d do great, but there’s always a fear of the unknown. I’m sure he was thinking about it too. Plus he’s had a cough he can’t shake. That never helps when you’re trying to sleep.

Yesterday I surprised myself by not feeling tired until about 2 pm. Then I was struggling to keep my head from hitting the desk. By the time I made it home I was done for. Then we were missing ingredients for the dinner I was going to make. When it rains, it pours. I grabbed something out of the freezer that would do in a pinch. Lion snoozed through parts of Jeopardy. I managed to make it until bedtime before I actually fell asleep.

Lion sent me emails throughout the day, telling me how things were going. It sounds like a fun place to work. Everyone was very welcoming. There were some hiccups here and there but overall it was great. I’m very glad he’s getting settled in quickly.

Tonight we’ll get him ready for his first business trip on Wednesday. Lion won’t get home until late Thursday. It’s the first time we’ve been apart for a very long time. Obviously we won’t be able to play either of those nights. It’s possible we’ll sneak some snuggling in tonight, but I don’t know if we’ll have time for anything else. That’s perfectly fine. We can catch up on the weekend.

I know many caged males travel without their cages on, but lock themselves up when they reach their destination. I don’t know how many trips Lion will be going on, but it seems unnecessary to me for him to lock himself up. I’ve just decided that he’ll be wild this week. New job, travel, etc. seemed like a good time for him not to have to worry about the cage. Once things settle down into more of a routine and we know how often he’ll travel, we’ll come up with a system. It’s quite possible that he won’t have to travel regularly anyway. So many things are done by conference call and video conferencing there’s less of a need to be physically in a specific location. But we’ll work that all out as we find out how the job is going to work.

Actually, a travelling Lion may necessitate different rules. Obviously, he can’t wait for me to eat before he eats. We won’t be together. He’d have no way of knowing. He could potentially interrupt me during a phone call. I suspended his rule of emailing me before noon yesterday because I wasn’t sure if he’d have time to do so. As it turned out, he was excited to share things with me as they happened. I’ll have to think of rules that a travelling Lion could do without being too obtrusive. He is there to work, after all.

Lots of change in the Lion’s den.