Tranquility On The Home Front

My first day of work was great. I was made to feel very welcome. I can’t go into more detail, but I am very happy. Sunday night I had a very nice orgasm; my last for a while. I’m fine about that. Other, non-sexual things are on my mind. We are both going easy on the BDSM while I get used to my new job and my allergies subside. Wouldn’t you know that I would start coughing and sneezing on my first day at work? I guess it’s always something. Sunday night neither of us got very much sleep. I was restless for obvious reasons. Mrs. Lion didn’t sleep much either. I hope I wasn’t disturbing her. There’s a chance we will be more rested tonight. Maybe we will be a bit more frisky.

This is one of those periods when things are quiet here and FLR/enforced chastity just isn’t what we are thinking about. That’s not entirely right. We don’t need to talk about it. I have no expectation of sex for over a week. The rules are in place and understood. We don’t have any new “training” projects. So, barring me forgetting my place, we are your normal married couple; normal until you notice the paddles around the house and in Mrs. Lion’s purse.

This isn’t very exciting reading I know. But today all I am doing is checking in to let you know that I love being back to work and I am looking forward to my business trip on Wednesday. More interesting stuff tomorrow; I promise.