Less Can Mean More

Sex. There, I’ve said it. That’s what enforced chastity is about. I know you already understand that. Every so often I’m reminded by how sex driven I am. Based on what I read, so are most other guys. No surprise there. Way back before we started all this, almost all of my sex was masturbation. Every so often Mrs. Lion would get me off. It wasn’t enough.

So why would I set up a situation that assured I couldn’t even masturbate? One reason is that I love being restrained. It turns me on big time. Wait! Being restrained turns me on? Wouldn’t locking my penis up guarantee I would be turned on with nowhere to come? I am mentally shaking my head as I write this.

In my case it wasn’t so crazy. Mrs. Lion and I had stopped talking about sex. She would masturbate me if I asked her. But I was always embarrassed to do that. I reasoned that if she locked me up in a chastity device, we would have to communicate about sex. Seeing me unable to access my penis would, I figured, remind Mrs. Lion that she had sole control over my cock. I also figured that if I got horny enough I would have to bring the subject up myself. Not so dumb, after all.

I am happy to say I was right. The cage essentially forced us to talk about sex. She was in control and would let me know that I was not going to come just yet. She got in the habit of unlocking and teasing me every other day or so. Later, it became every day. I was getting lots of attention. I was also getting off. Mrs. Lion didn’t make me wait very long between orgasms.

Before we started enforced chastity, I figure that Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm every month or so. Now, the average wait is six days. I’m having five times as much sex as I did when I was wild! I realize that we may be unusual in that respect. But it’s true. I get more sex now than I did before we started.

In addition, we have rekindled a physical relationship. We touch, snuggle, and hug a lot. The distance we felt before is gone. I never imagined that this would be the outcome of my request to lock up my penis. I think you can see why we won’t be stopping any time soon.