Preview Of A New Chastity Device

I’m leaving soon on yet another cross country trip to the warm Southeast. Here in the Northwest, it’s a time of frequent rain and miserable temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s (F). Garrison Keillor describes western Washington as nine months of spring and three months of summer. That’s about it. I am looking forward to sun and temperatures in the 80’s at my destination. I’m not looking forward to being away from my lioness.

One of the problems that air travel poses for caged males is that metal chastity devices set off alarms and the current crop of plastic devices generally don’t fit very well and have hygiene or comfort issues. Mrs. Lion lets me go wild when I travel. I like the freedom and lack of complications when I am on the road.

Those days of freedom might be ending soon. I’ve discovered a 3-D-printed, nylon cage that is offered with custom measurements.  The cost is about half of a Jail Bird. Right now I am test-wearing the device. It turns out the cage is about 1/2″ too long so I need to get another, shorter one before I can do any long term reviews. Stay tuned. One is coming.

I managed to get through Saturday without raising Mrs. Lion’s ire. My bottom is healing nicely. Ironically, my shoulder was hurting badly since last week. I got a steroid shot yesterday that will give me some relief. I also took some Tylenol which helped as well. As soon as the shoulder pain diminished, a new pain emerged where I sit down. Yup, my butt was still sensitive. It didn’t bother me yesterday, so I should have a comfortable flight.

I downloaded some movies to watch on the 2,500 mile flight. Then I got an email from my boss. We have a small crisis I need to manage. He helpfully told me that I could charge inflight WiFi to the company so I could continue working on the issue. What a sport! I could always charge WiFi  to the company. I just chose to use flight times for relaxation, reading, and movie viewing. He’s right. I really should be emailing from the sky. So I will.

If this new, plastic device ends up working out, Mrs. Lion could keep me caged when I travel. This device takes numbered, plastic seals to lock it as well as a padlock. I can get out by cutting the seal. There are two problems: I can’t take anything sharp on the plane so I would have to find time in my busy schedule to buy a nail clipper. Mrs. Lion will know because either the seal will be missing or there will be a different number on the one I am wearing. It’s a secure system.

This new device also comes with standard nylon ties. The idea here is that the plastic seals are never really tight around the locking area. The device could wobble a bit. So, if Mrs. Lion uses a nylon tie in addition to the seal, the device will be firmly locked shut. I don’t mean to be too much of a tease. There is a lot of work to be done before I review it. I will also have to provide good measuring instructions. The ones they provide are easy to get wrong.

The arrival of the new cage comes at a fortuitous time. Mrs. Lion has just begun a new, stricter reign. It’s what I wanted. Now I am the one who has to get used to being under such tight control. I would imagine that part of this would be a no-excuse policy about being caged. I know she will let me run wild when there is a good reason.  Vacations in our trailer and air travel have been good reasons. Will air travel cease to be a reason for a wild lion? I’ll miss that bit of freedom if I have to remain locked when I travel. I’ll accept it of course.

I’m writing this post on Sunday while locked in the new cage. I wore it for a few hours yesterday on Lionscape day after Mrs. Lion finished. This isn’t my first adventure with a 3D-printed device. The first one was a poor design that wasn’t practical to wear for long periods. I’m convinced that long term chastity requires, at least for me, a custom-sized device. In my three years experience, I’ve learned that a device has to fit like a glove if it is to be practical for continuous wear. Mrs. Lion’s weenie has to always contact the sides and tip of the device. The penis is remarkably flexible and so long as the cage is the correct diameter, pushing it down to its smallest length is comfortable and makes peeing and cleaning a lot easier.

In other news, I did an interview last spring for a major (almost two million readers a month) men’s magazine. The story was postponed several times. I’ve been informed that it will finally appear in the March 2017 issue (on newsstands mid-February). This could be another false alarm. But this time I get the feeling it will see the light of day. One word of caution. I have no control over who else appears in the article, or how the author edits my words. Hopefully, enforced chastity will be treated fairly in the article.

I’m writing this on Sunday as I prepare for my trip. I really hate the two 6-hour flights. But I love the destinations. Talk to you next from the tropical other side of the country.

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    Have a good trip I hope your new cage is OK

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