putting on orionmale chastity device
This is the way Mrs. Lion normally puts the device on me. She pulls my penis through the center section. Then, before she can put on the head cover, I have to pull the skin back so that just the head of my penis protrudes. I think that if too much skin remains inside the little shaft cover it pinches and causes the problems I have been having.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I have some wounds on my penis. These were caused by my Evotion Orion male chastity device. It’s not that the device doesn’t fit properly or that it is uncomfortable to wear. The problem is the way I put it on. The device has three parts: The first is the base ring which is the same as on other male chastity devices. The second is a sleeve that connects to the base ring. This is designed to hold the shaft of the penis. When the sleeve is on correctly, only the head (glans) pokes out. The third piece connects to the shaft cover and “protects” the head.

The tricky part is getting the shaft cover on correctly. Until the last time I had the device put on, Mrs. Lion would thread the head and shaft of my penis through the shaft cover. She would then lock it onto the base ring. This would leave about an inch of the shaft poking out from the front. I would then have to pull the shaft back until just the head of my penis poked out. This was a bit of work and without lube not terribly comfortable. When we used lube, it would often stay in place for more than a day.

evotion middle section
After Mrs. Lion locks the center section in place, I pull the skin back until just the head of my penis protrudes. Now it’s ready for the headpiece to be locked in place.

My bright idea was to have Mrs. Lion just move enough of my shaft through that covering so that the head was all that poked out. Then, she would lock it on to the base ring. I figured the remaining skin would stay in place inside the shaft cover. She did it and it went on well. However, inside that piece of the chastity device, the skin was vulnerable. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but some of the skin just under the head got irritated and a sore developed. Directly opposite the sore, a bruise formed. My guess is that I scraped the skin during normal wear and the bruise formed by pinching caused by bunched-up skin pressing against the plastic.

I’ve had a sore in that spot before. I suspect the device manages to irritate a bit of the skin at the very front of the shaft cover. I can’t feel any roughness there but I can see how some of that delicate skin below the head could poke out a little bit and rub. I wonder if any other men have had similar issues. Until everything heals, I’m wild. I’m also not being teased until things get better. Frustrating!

I’ll have to see if this issue repeats itself. Obviously, I’m not going to put the device on with my “new” system. We’ll go back to the old pull-the-penis-skin-back system. It’s more uncomfortable but appears to avoid these injuries. It also occurred to me that perhaps the shaft cover is a bit too short. The Evotion people stressed the importance of not specifying a device that is too long. I’m not sure it would be worth ordering a new shaft cover to test out whether or not I need more length. I don’t think I need one with more breadth. I fit nicely when Mrs. Lion puts it on.

I had a similar sore develop when I was wearing the Cherry Keeper male chastity device. It has a shelf built-in near the head designed to prevent the head of the penis from slipping back into the body of the device. It was very comfortable to wear and the shelf served its purpose. However, at one point I developed a similar sore where the shelf rubbed against the skin just under the head.

evotion orion ring to hold penis head in place
The molded-in ring (arrow) keeps the head of my penis from moving back into the device.

The Evotion Orion doesn’t have a shelf. It has a ring at the very top of the shaft cover. It serves the same purpose as the shelf in the Cherry Keeper. Maybe this ring can irritate my tender skin. This is a difficult problem. I like having something prevent the head from slipping backward. By holding it in position, urinating is easy because my urethra is always front and center where it belongs. Even though I had my Jail Bird male chastity device shortened to just 1 inch, the head could move enough so that my urethra would end up “biting” one of the bars at the front of the cage. This resulted in a nasty spray when I went to pee.

To date, the best male chastity device I’ve tried is the Evotion Orion. Despite the fact that it has caused a couple of small injuries, it does the best job preventing erections and allowing me to use my penis normally for non-sexual activities. I plan to continue wearing it as soon as I heal.

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