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The orgasm buffet is open July 15 – July 31.

Mrs. Lion surprised me on Tuesday night when she announced that between July 15 and July 31, I could have all the orgasms I want. That’s the enforced chastity “get out of jail free” card. She was surprised that I questioned her decision. I did because I just don’t understand such a sweeping gesture. I’m sure she knows that I don’t feel particularly orgasm starved. I’ve been comfortable with her schedule for a long time.

In a way this is like the “free orgasm” coupons she gave me almost two years ago. It’s a super-sized version of those coupons. In her post yesterday, she anticipated that I would be reluctant to take advantage of this all-you-can-come buffet. So, she plans to edge me and then while I am panting with the effects of reaching the very threshold of paradise, tempt me by asking me if I want to come.

I suppose I shouldn’t look a gift orgasm in the hand, but I feel a little uncomfortable with that freedom. I like my sexual surrender. I don’t feel particularly deprived by being made to wait for each orgasm. Actually, I like it. I like feeling the control Mrs. Lion has over me.

It’s true that I really couldn’t pig out at this sexual buffet. After a few days of on-demand orgasms, I will need a while to recharge. I don’t feel a bit ambivalent about waiting for my ejaculations. Will I insult my lioness by just picking at the bounty she is offering me?  I hope not. I don’t miss being master of my own orgasms. I like the way things are. Perhaps I am getting this wrong. Maybe Mrs. Lion wants a break of being in charge of my sexual pleasure. Am I being selfish if I don’t leap at the chance to ejaculate whenever I want? I am grateful that she is being so generous. For the record, I still have a bunch of orgasm coupons I never “cashed.” In fact, I haven’t used a single one.

My next scheduled “maybe” date is July 15. That’s the first day of the orgasm window. I can see having an orgasm on the 16th, perhaps. We will be on the road on the 15th and will probably be too tired for much sexual activity. After that, I just don’t know. Perhaps I will wait until Mrs. Lion is in control again.

Orgasms are great, don’t get me wrong. But what really rings my bell is Mrs. Lion’s control. That’s why those coupons still gather dust in my underwear drawer.

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    It is a generous offer but one that I also would be reluctant to take advantage of. However in the heat of the moment who knows??

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