I want sex. I really do. At least I think I do. Sunday night Mrs. Lion unlocked me and we snuggled. She played with my penis, but it wasn’t responding. Based on my history, I should have been at peak horniness. I wasn’t. This, I think, is completely due to unemployment stress. I’m bothered by the fact that something as primal as my interest in sex can evaporate based on stress.

What bothers me most is that at this point there is no reason for undue stress other than the very unsettling memories of my last period between jobs. I have to get under control and allow life to continue without being colored grey by all those glum thoughts. I know. I know. It’s easier said than done. I’m trying. Of course, you knew that.

For the last several days, Mrs. Lion has waited for me to ask her if I should put on the chastity device ring before saying anything herself. I suspect this is part of her effort to let me manage my lock up as part of the way to help me through the stress. I appreciate that. But I think it would be better if she followed her own inclinations about when I should be locked and unlocked.  Just sayin’. I also think that during this stressful time she might need to use more intense forms of stimulation to get me hard. Last week, on one day she used the Magic Wand, on another, her mouth. Both worked amazingly. Nothing like intense sexual stimulation to get my motor running.

I have no doubt we will get over the sexual difficulties fairly soon. We always manage to do that. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to maintain my perspective and good nature.


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    Lion, I think you may have mellowed a bit – in a good way. It’s very reasonable for you to have the (non-) job-related stress you’re feeling; Mrs. Lion should probably be worried if you didn’t. In the past, though, your stress has shown through in the “voice” of your posts as a sort of “growliness”, and I have no doubt that this was present in your real-life interactions as well.

    I understand that your job situation is not nearly as dire as it ended up last time, but the tone I’m referring to also used to surface more on other issues too. You’ve remarked yourself in the past that you’ve made more of a conscious effort not to harangue food servers and others; perhaps you’re really experiencing a fundamental character change.

    It’s hard to say how much of this would be due to the chastity lifestyle, your female-led relationship, or just a normal effect of maturing (or aging :-)). And maybe I’m reading more into my, er, reading than is really there…

    Regardless, I hope you hear good things about the pending job(s) this week!

      1. Author

        Yes, my comment was meant favorably. 🙂

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