Wild Lion Anything Goes Day

I received a comment yesterday, asking if I’ve considered having Lion edge himself. Actually, I have not. Fairly recently I did consider allowing him to masturbate himself to orgasm while I watched. Lion and I discussed it and decided it would be a slippery slope.

When we first started enforced chastity, I asked Lion to masturbate for me. I wanted to see his technique. How did he hold himself? How fast did he go? Did he speed up toward the end? Did he change his grip at all? Yes, I’d given him hand jobs before. But I wanted to know how he did it. Since he’d no longer be allowed to do it, it seemed to me the least I could do is try to give him the same effect from time to time. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten it quite perfect, but in some ways Lion says it’s better because it’s my touch instead of his.

I have no doubt that Lion would stop in time. I don’t think he’d “accidentally” give himself an orgasm. But I wouldn’t want to tempt him. For one thing, it would bring back memories of when the only sexual satisfaction he got was by his own hand. Dark days. And then I’d tell him to stop just short of his goal. I don’t think so.

Something that just crossed my mind, and it’s probably a horrible idea, is to institute a “wild Lion, anything goes” day. For one day he’d be able to touch himself all he wanted and even masturbate all he wanted. Sort of like a Vegas vacation. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas type of thing. I don’t think he’d even want to masturbate. He says it doesn’t even cross his mind anymore. On one hand, it might be nice for him to be completely free for a day. On the other hand, dark days.

I think we’ll stick to our arrangement we have now. He’ll keep his hands off Mr. Weenie, and I won’t.