Window of Opportunity

We got a lot accomplished yesterday. After a few weeks of aggravation, we finally got the lawn mower fixed. I have lots of scratches and bruises, but we won the war. I also did Lion’s manscaping. There wasn’t too much hair but you have to keep after it or it will come back. Then I made dinner and we settled in for the night.

Lion was horny early on, but it didn’t last long. His allergies are bothering him. Being cooped up with the dog makes it worse. It seems that there is a window of opportunity for his horniness and if I don’t hit it just right, the window closes. I don’t know if it’s necessarily a timing issue or not. Some months ago he said if we didn’t play early, he wasn’t really in the mood later on. Is it that he’s tired? Is it that his allergies kick in the longer he’s in the bedroom? Is he tired of waiting for me to start? I don’t know. We can try a few things.

Obviously we can play earlier. I asked if he wanted to stay out of the bedroom the other night and he said he’d rather lay down. I can’t necessarily fix the tired part. He was up a lot last night while I was sleeping. I assume that means he won’t be much in the mood tonight either. That’s fine. We can snuggle. I’d just like to know if there’s something I can do to help.

Just before I went to sleep, Lion asked if I’m still attracted to him. I am. He thinks I don’t want sex because he doesn’t turn me on. He swears I’ll find someone else “better” who turns me on and then I’ll leave him. Not going to happen. I’m just not interested in sex. It’s been forever since I even tried masturbating and it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be. Meaning I couldn’t even get myself turned on. I used to be quite the Casanova with myself. It’s nothing that Lion is or isn’t doing. I still think he has a cute butt and the rest of him ain’t bad either.

We’ll have to work on Lion’s horniness. I like snuggling, but every once in a while I want to give him an orgasm. Just not tonight. And maybe not tomorrow night. But soon.

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    You have said Mr Lion likes to be edged. Have you tried witnessed self edging. You watch him to make sure he doesn’t go too far. Having a tactile feedback loop may may restore his horniness.

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