Lion’s Sunday

It’s been a long time since Lion has gotten a spanking while in the sling. If I use a paddle, the angle is all wrong. And I usually don’t have him situated with his butt hanging out so I wind up hitting the sling more than his buns. Yesterday I thought ahead and had him shift himself down. More buns = better target. And off we went.

It’s also been a long time since Lion had a play spanking. Most of our play involves CBT or just edging. For the most part, I’m not very creative. There’s absolutely no reason I can’t spank Lion on the bed, whether he’s restrained or not. It’s a little more uncomfortable for me to kneel beside him on the bed but I could always have him closer to the edge so I could stand. Mostly, I just don’t think about things like that until I’m already uncomfortable.

When I started out yesterday, I wasn’t thinking about giving Lion an orgasm. I hadn’t even really decided to spank him until he started to get in the sling. I just knew he would be in the sling. I had menthol rub and dildos at my disposal. There actually weren’t many paddles in the dungeon. It’s just as well since the angle is wrong. The light wooden spoons are nice for ball swatting. And there was one larger wooden spoon that still isn’t very heavy. They all deliver a sharp stinging sensation.

The sling puts Lion in roughly the same position as if he were on his knees on the bed. Inverted, of course. My prime target is right where he sits. From this angle I can whomp his butt and do the occasional ball swat. Ball swats are lighter than butt whomps, although sometimes Lion isn’t so sure they are. A light tap on the balls sometimes sends him through the roof. I tell them they are only love taps and we need to work on getting rid of his wimpy balls. Yesterday, he made no comment about how hard the ball swats were. He did make some noise when I got his butt nice and pink, though. My hand wasn’t sore so I couldn’t have been hitting him very hard at all. But, as I said, it’s been a while since he’s been spanked for fun.

As I edged him, I decided if I got him too close to the edge I would just continue on to a full orgasm rather than give him another ruined orgasm. Somewhere along the line, I changed my mind. I decided to give him the full orgasm on purpose. And then the evil 2.0 decided if he was lucky enough to get an orgasm, he should have to eat it. That’s never a favorite activity for Lion. He makes funny faces from the taste. I don’t get it. I like Lion cum. I know. He says there’s no reason he should eat it at all. He doesn’t want to steal it from me. That’s ok, my pet. There’s plenty to go around.

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    He should get over it, if you say he needs to eat cum, he needs to eat cum without complaining. After all you are 2.0.

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