In The Out Door

Lion's sling
This is our sling. It shares the dungeon with our waxing table (left) and our library. Note how high my legs are held by the restraints.
(Click image for a NSFW close up of me being pegged in the sling)

I realize that I miss insertion play. I don’t particularly like things up my ass, but I get aroused when I think of Mrs. Lion training me to accept larger dildos for eventual pegging. I actually get hard when I think about it. However, when she gets the lube out and tells me to roll over, there is no sense of anticipation.

For her part, she is usually clinical about how she goes about filling my ass. Occasionally, she will lube up a finger or two and manually explore my rear cavity. Usually, she uses her finger to lube my anus and then greases up the plug or dildo and slowly inserts it. She is always sensitive to my reactions and will stop or pull back a bit while I get used to the current stretch. She persists until I am fully penetrated.

Lion's dildo
This is where we left off when Mrs. Lion was working me up for pegging. The idea was that she could put this into our Rodeoh harness and she could go for it.
(Click image for a NSFW photo of it filling me)

Her favorite place for pegging is our sling. When I’m strapped in, I am fully exposed with my legs up and spread. My body is tipped so that the area between my legs is easily accessible. With my legs wide apart, my anus is fully available. I’m at a comfortable height for anal attention. This is a also her favorite place to work on my cock and balls.

Since our sling is in the basement dungeon, it requires effort to turn on the heat and then go down for activities. This effort is usually too much for her on a weeknight. Weekends are busy so we very rarely use our sling. It’s been several months since the last time I was in it.

That’s too bad. As you can see in this NSFW image (click here and here to view), my position in the sling makes me absolutely vulnerable to anything Mrs. Lion wants to do. My arms and legs are cuffed to the chains holding up the sling. When she pegs me, the sling rocks back and forth, essentially moving the dildo in and out using my own weight to drive it in and out.

The fact that I get turned on by thinking of this activity, yet when it is happening I feel uncomfortable and become soft is yet another contradiction in the way I process BDSM. This contradiction is probably why being anally stretched on a regular basis keeps me sexually aroused other times.

It sends a powerful message of control to me. Being strapped into the sling is very hot for exactly the same reason. Control is being taken from me. I get very turned on by that. Come to think of it, being locked into a chastity device is the same thing. It’s how I’m wired.



  1. Wow! You’re so nicely shaved!!

    1. Author

      Why thank you! Now I’m completely hairless (except my arms). Here’s what I look like now: Link

  2. I like the idea of pegging and my Queen does too, but she hates the lag time of me cleaning up. And she hates any sign that I’m not immaculate. So it doesn’t happen often.

    1. Author

      I am always immaculate and ready. I wash after using the toilet. Mrs. Lion doesn’t mind any “residue” on the toy. She recognizes it is a necessary byproduct.

        1. Author

          I use the 7 oz Fleet. Quick, easy clean out. I do one if anal seems likely. Then I’m ready if she wants to go deep.

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