Sunday was a quiet, at-home day. We did a few chores and relaxed. Late in the afternoon, Mrs. Lion strapped me into the sling. She spanked and teased me. Then, without any warning, she masturbated me to orgasm. Then, since 2.0 is now on the scene, she fed every drop to me. Yuck! It was great to come, but not so great to eat it.  Before we went down to the dungeon, I was eating some peanut M&M’s. As she fed me the semen she said, “This will get the taste of M&M’s out of your mouth.” For the record, it did. I felt much more cheerful after this episode. It isn’t so much that I had an orgasm. It’s more that it feels like things are back to normal.

I was really surprised when she let me come. I was sure that this would be a teasing session. But then, 2.0 isn’t even a little predictable. Also, I did not suggest any activity at all. Sunday was 100% 2.0. Way to go! Along with the sexual stimulation, I was edged many times, Mrs. Lion spanked me with a combination of her hands and a light wooden spoon. It was a symphony of sting and thud.

Today is the first day of my last week on my current assignment. I have some possibilities for new things to do. If my age doesn’t get in the way, I am well qualified for all of them. I am cautiously hopeful. There is no question that this situation affects us both. Yesterday, for a while, all that left my mind. All I could focus on was the stimulation I received. It was a very welcome break from worry.

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    Has Mrs. Lion yet tried spanking you hard immediately AFTER you cum??If you think a regular spanking is bad, try this type. With no arousal to take the edge off the pain, it really f****ing hurts, a lot. Could you even handle it, Mr. Lion?

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