Oral Torture

Lion was a very horny boy by the time I decided to play with him yesterday. I decided we hadn’t played the clothespin edging game in a while. It’s the one where he has clothespins on his balls and I yank them off, one at a time as I edge him. I think the pain of the clothespin coming off keeps him from going over the edge. I may be wrong. It’s just a theory. For what it’s worth, it worked. Especially for the plastic clothespins. Those are nasty.

When I got to the end of the clothespins, I asked if Lion thought we were done. He said he guessed we were. Wrong. I was going to torture him with my mouth. It’s very dangerous territory. It’s very easy to go too far. But it’s also easy to torture him. I can do more intricate movements with my tongue than I can with my hands. Sometimes I just stay still and wiggle my tongue almost imperceptibly. I know Lion feels it though. Torture.

What Lion didn’t know was that in addition to torturing him, I was checking to see if he was ready for an orgasm. I know he was hard. I know he was horny. But was he really ready? He wasn’t desperate. We’d had too many off days for him to be desperate. But he doesn’t always have to be desperate for me to give him an orgasm. I like to give him orgasms. I especially like to give him oral orgasms. Fun for him, yummy for me. I decided, given the noises he was making, that he was ready for an orgasm. I gave him a long slow buildup and listened to his noises. At the end he started bucking into my mouth and I sped up a little so he’d know he could come.

Afterwards he said it was a surprise. He hadn’t expected to come. I’m not sure he ever expects to. He may hope to, but unless I tell him he will, he has no way to know when he will. And I don’t usually tell him. I prefer to sneak up on him and surprise him. And the silly Lion sometimes seems to argue about coming. He asks why. Why ask why? Just enjoy the moment. Well he did enjoy himself. And he didn’t ask why this time. Maybe he’s learning.