We get many questions about the long term effects of enforced male chastity on the caged organ. For the record, there is no evidence that wearing a comfortable chastity device has any physical effect on male sex organs. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the real long term effects enforced chastity has. First, let me say what I mean by long term; it’s at least a year of orgasm control with or without a chastity device. In my opinion, full time wearing of a device enhances the effects over time.

I’m not referring to the expected effects: loss of expectation of ejaculation with stimulation, increased attention to the keyholder, and increased horniness. Chastity fantasies claim that a caged male will also want to wear panties, do housework, and become abjectly submissive. Nope, those aren’t changes I’ve personally observed. So, what I am talking about? Now that I am one third through my third year of enforced chastity I’ve begun to notice some changes I never considered when we started. There are three:

First, I am more patient. This change felt unrelated to locking up my cock, but it is probably the most easily understood. I’ve learned there are amazing virtues to patient waiting. Orgasms! The toddler in me has learned that impatience doesn’t get me to ejaculate. It gets me spanked. For the first time in my life there are both positive and negative consequences connected to my level of patience. Too little and I end up with a very sore butt. More, and I eventually get a nice orgasm. OK, that’s not too amazing, but I’ve learned to be much more patient abut everything else as well. Part of the reason that I am more patient are reminders from Mrs. Lion when I am too ready to growl. But I think the most significant reason is increased self awareness brought on by our power exchange.

The second effect is that I am kinder. A day doesn’t go by when I am not reminded that I depend on the kindness of Mrs. Lion if I am to have any sexual fun at all. I love sex. Until we began enforced chastity I always had the option of taking sexual satisfaction into my own hand. I didn’t have to depend on anyone. I pride myself on my independence. Of course, now I am totally dependent for any sexual activity; even an erection.  I understand how it feels to need the kindness of another. It’s a lesson I will never forget. I have to return the kindness Mrs. Lion gives me to others who need mine.

The third is much more subjective. I think I have gotten more controllable. It’s one thing to surrender sexual control. That’s exciting and fulfills fantasies. Of course, over time, the excitement of the fantasy goes away. For me the fantasy is replaced by a desire to obey. I’ve never been particularly obedient. That’s one reason my nickname has always been Lion. I’m independent and go my own way. I don’t ask permission. Well, I didn’t. Now, I ask first. Maybe this means I am more submissive. I don’t know about that, but I do want permission to do a lot of things I used to just do on my own. This ranges from deciding what to eat for dinner to where we go on vacation. I don’t argue as much with Mrs. Lion when she tells me to do things. When 2.0 is out and about, even the smallest hesitation gets me a sore rear end. She’s not out that much lately, but as she emerges more often, I expect that I will be more obedient.

These changes are the direct result of enforced chastity and orgasm control. Sex is a powerful motivator. I have a theory. I think the reason that so many of us caged males want a female led relationship is due to the changes our sexual power exchanges make to us. It isn’t a magical transformation. It’s very gradual and depends on our keyholders growing in authority as we grow in… well, submission. I never anticipated these changes. I never believed that sexual control would leak into other parts of my life. Well it does. I like the new me.


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    It’s funny that I was thinking about this just this morning. After having spent the better part of ten years in some kind of chastity cage, I’ve noticed that I have a different mindset toward sexuality — both in general, and toward my own case.

    I’m certainly more patient, I’ll tell you that 🙂

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