On Edge

Lion told me this morning that he woke up hard and stayed hard for a while. Well, as hard as he can get in the cage. He’s never been one for morning sex. I wonder if he’s just so horny he’d take any kind of sex right now. I have a feeling though that he’d lose his morning wood the second he was unlocked. It’s probably faux wood, as it were.

The thing is, I think he’s hornier now than he’s ever been. And that’s saying something. Every night he gives me those sideways glances to see if I’m going to edge him. The night before last he even said it was time for Lion fun at 9:30. So much for his being tired the later it gets. I guess horniness trumps tiredness. And last night he flat out asked me if I was going to edge him. I should have said no just to mess with him, but I want to keep him horny. The best way to do that is to make it worse by edging.

I brought out the bag of tricks again and he groaned. I selected a variety of wooden clothespins and plastic clothespins. I put wooden ones on his boobies. When I snapped my fingers for him to get hard he said he needed help. He didn’t need much encouragement. Then I started putting clothespins on his perineum. I alternated a few wooden ones with a plastic one, another wooden one, a plastic one, all the way up to the base of his cock. Then I went for the edging.

My idea was to edge him and remove a clothespin. At first I didn’t think it was going to work. He seemed to be battling the pain more than I had anticipated. Eventually, though, I got him to the edge. And I yanked off a clothespin. He grimaced. Edge, yank, grimace. Edge, yank, grimace. Once I even yanked the clothespin off rather than stop stroking. It had the same effect. Eureka! It worked. You can have all the theories you want, but you never know if they’ll work until you try.

I don’t think Lion will mind being my crash test dummy. As long as he stays horny.

[Lion — 2.0’s newest technique truly surprised me. Now that I understand what she is doing, I will hope she will put more clothespins on even if it is horribly painful. The reason is that I get edged once for every clothespin. Yes, it hurts like hell when they come off, but the edging is so hot. By the way, we have a page on clothespin play. (Link)]