Painful Fun

I wrote an erotic piece, sort of a memoir about an experience I had many years ago. I made the mistake of submitting it to one of the female British porn bloggers. After I sent it to her, I realized that they only publish female writers. I consider myself a fairly good writer. I get a lot of practice here with this blog and I think I do a reasonably good job telling the story. Then I realized that I would much rather share with you than with the small readership of an esoteric British blog. I don’t think it belongs here as a post. Instead, I’m planning to stick it into the static page section of this site.

It’s not erotic fiction. It’s pieces of my life I’d like to share. Here on the blog section, I don’t go into a lot of erotic detail. Perhaps that’s a mistake. The reason I don’t is that I want this blog to be a safe, friendly place that both men and women can enjoy. Maybe I have gone too far to avoid being too overtly sexual. Along with publishing the occasional memoir, I’ve decided that my posts will be more explicit. I welcome your feedback as I make this small adjustment.

Now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to eroticize my life a little more. I’m not getting many spontaneous erections. I’m just not feeling very sexy. I don’t want to believe that I’m joining Mrs. Lion in the loss of libido club, but maybe I am. I suppose I should go get a blood test for testosterone to see if I may be missing some.

mrs. lion jerking lion off
Mrs. Lion is an expert jerking me off.

Mrs. Lion has absolutely no trouble getting me hard. On Wednesday night she started out by pinching my nipples. This is a sort of lion foreplay. It was fun. She pinched gently and then harder. Nipple pinches always give me a sharp kind of pain. She mentioned that she found some more of our clothespin collection; small ones, she said, but not the tiny dollhouse pins that terrify me. She likes to apply those to the head of my penis. The idea is to eventually put a ring of them around the edge. One or two of them are sheer agony. She’s too nice to push me. I suspect, that despite my vocal complaints, I can be trained to accept more and more.

That’s the thing. Repeated exposure teaches the mind to accept the sensation more easily. For example, if she applies one of those murderous little horrors to the head of my penis and leaves it there for a minute or two, I will be protesting and whining because it really hurts. However, if she repeats that the next day and the day after that, it becomes easier to manage. Then she can add another one.

Rinse and repeat.

That’s a fun sort of BDSM/CBT training. It has to have a strong sexual element because look where those pins are going! This sort of play seems to be more fun for Mrs. Lion than other BDSM activities.

Wednesday night she found two of our four bed restraints. These are nylon webbing with a hook on one end that attached to eyebolts in the bedframe. The other end has a carabiner that easily snaps on our restraints. The restraints are probably in that big trunk where Mrs. Lion packed our BDSM toys. We’re still two restraints short, but maybe she will unearth them soon too. The big question is whether she will use them?

In the past, she’s almost never restrained me. I’m not sure why since it’s so easy to do, but she hasn’t. I’m hoping that maybe she will try again. There would be great if she would use them frequently. For example there’s a special sort of scary feeling about being restrained spread-eagle on the bed after she has shown me that Ziploc bag with those horrible dollhouse clothespins.

In the past, when I have been restrained this way, I generally get hard all by myself. But if I don’t, Mrs. Lion has no trouble correcting that. The intensity is heightened when she lets me know that I’m fully erect even though I’m going to be feeling those horrible little clothespins. That makes me feel very much out of control. Not only am I bound on the bed, but my penis despite knowing what’s coming, stands tall and proud waiting for the abuse.

lion spread eagle tied to bed
In another session, Mrs. Lion used larger clothespins on my balls. This is how she restrains me.
(Click image to view larger)

I wonder what Mrs. Lion thinks about this. She knows how much I dislike feeling those little pins grabbing that most sensitive part of my body. They bite in like nasty little claws. Then, a few seconds later the pain reaches my brain. In the beginning it’s just unbearable. After a little while, the sensation subsides to a nasty kind of ache. If another clothespin is applied then, the cycle repeats and it becomes a nasty bigger ache.

When I know she is done and will be removing them, a new fear sets in. Each one, as it’s rapidly removed from the head of my penis sends another painful jolt as blood rushes into the space the clothespin occupied a few seconds ago. This jolt repeats for each clothespin she has attached to me.

The record to date is just two of those nasty little buggers. I react with real fear when she brings out that Ziploc bag. When I’m restrained and helpless the fear doubles. Mrs. Lion is nothing if not tenacious. If she sets out to do something she does it. I know there will be no reprieve. I lie there on my back, begging her not to do this. Sometimes it works and she doesn’t. But this time, I know 3.0 has even less mercy than her previous incarnation. She really doesn’t care how much I complain. If her goal is to create a ring of dollhouse clothespins around the head of my penis, 3.0 will eventually do it. She knows that I can learn to take them. I’m not so sure. She reminds me that it’s not up to me and points to the restraints. What did I get myself into?

My erection stubbornly remains even though in my heart of hearts I would like my penis to disappear and become unavailable for the pain that is about to start. Of course it doesn’t. It stupidly stands up proud and tall. Mrs. Lion opens the bag of clothespins and takes one out. She smiles and shows it to me. Oh God! I don’t want this to happen. I plead with her and tell her how much I would like to avoid this horrible pain. She smiles and tells me I’ve taken it before and I’ll be fine when it’s over.

tiny clothespins on lion's cock headShe masturbates me a little, getting me even more excited. Then, the clothespin is placed on the head of my cock. It feels like a jolt of electricity as snaps shut. I let out a little gasp. I grit my teeth and close my eyes and try to manage this sharp, unwelcome pain. I open my eyes and Mrs. Lion is giving me a small smile. She masturbates me a little with that clothespin riding on the head of my cock.

She takes another out of her bag. These little monsters are a sweet, baby pink color. She grabs my cock to steady it, and the second clothespin goes on next to the first. I yelp. It’s twice as much pain. I don’t think I can take it. My penis starts to get soft. Mrs. Lion grabs it and rubs it like a magic lamp and it obeys and gets hard again. It’s doing this on its own. I’m fully occupied trying to deal with the pain of those two little monsters. As she plays with my cock, the two clothespins click against each other, mocking me as they have a nice ride.

It feels like an hour, but it’s more like a minute or two, and Mrs. Lion removes the first clothespin. Another yelp from me! It hurts more coming off than it did going on! Mrs. Lion looks at me and smiles, then removes the second. Another yelp from me. I can see the dents in the head of my cock that they left.

Then she starts jerking me off. The pain dissolves into pleasure as she pushes me towards orgasm. I completely forget about the pain I had just felt. I am straining, trying to get over that mountain. I’m almost there. She stops. I’m humping air. Another smile from Mrs. Lion. She starts again. I get ready to go and she stops.

She repeats this again and again. My arms and legs are straining against their bonds. Mrs. Lion is having fun. She does it again while gently massaging my balls. It feels so good. I really want to come. This time as I get closer and closer she keeps going. She’s going to let me come! I’m ready! She stops. I let out a big sigh, she says,

“Did you have fun?”