Punishing On The Spot

We’re both excited about the Huffington Post article and podcast that features us talking about our experience with enforced male chastity. The podcast starts with the typical discussion by guys who have tried devices for a very short time (hours) and then reported on their experiences. The second half of the podcast is their interview with us. I think we had a good opportunity to explain our long-term experiences with enforced chastity. Now our voices are out “there” for the world to hear. It raises the probability that people we know might learn of our practice. But then, if they heard the podcast, they can’t be all that vanilla themselves.

On the home front, things continue to evolve. Ever since Mrs. Lion announced Lioness 2.0, she’s been experimenting and writing about changes 2.0 will make. 2.0 is becoming much more assertive about deciding what BDSM play we will do. She’s also working to be less influenced by my complaints when punished. I am glad (now, not necessarily when she is punishing me) she is working on that. It’s my failing that I can’t seem to stop myself from letting her know when something hurts. Punishment is supposed to hurt to be effective. Why should I be surprised when it does?

She’s also said that she is going to move punishment closer to the infraction. As of now, I am punished only on our scheduled punishment days (Monday and Thursday). Most of the time I haven’t earned any punishments. By executing punishment at the time I do something I shouldn’t, I think the message that I need to change my ways will be substantially clearer. Once she starts this, it will be challenging for her to follow this policy when we are out and about. I have a very creative lioness, so I’m sure she will find ways to do it.

I don’t want to minimize this change. It took quite a while for us to establish punishment at all. Punishment days provided the tool that helped Mrs. Lion more consistently enforce rules. Moving enforcement to the time of the infraction is a challenge. I guess we will probably continue with scheduled punishment day spankings as well as the on-the-spot variety we think will be better.  As soon as 2.0 starts I will painfully find out.


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    Last night I sat down to dinner before my wife and very clearly waited for her to sit. She must have noticed that I was waiting because she told me I could eat now. This is not at all anything we have done before or had as any kind of “rule”, I was just imitating what you have recently mentioned here on your blog. I then told her about “a blog I have read” wherein the couple made up rules about seemingly small issues that the husband was punished for, just to come up with ways for there to be control and reasons to punish. I do hope she might take the hint!

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