We Were Interviewed By The Huffington Post

Mrs. Lion and I were interviewed by the Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago. They will be publishing a podcast tomorrow that features that interview. Of course, we discuss enforced male chastity. We discussed whether we wanted to be interviewed in a podcast. We are reasonably anonymous here on the blog. You will be able to hear our voices in the podcast.

This interview explored why we practice enforced chastity and the benefits we get from it. We were given a chance to articulate how enforced chastity works for us. We are honored that such a prominent online publication chose to interview us. Once we are notified of publication tomorrow, we will put a link to the interview on the Journal.

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As a result of the interview, I’ve been reflecting on our experiences with the enforced chastity and FLR power exchanges. You might have noticed that my recent posts were more reflective than usual. In particular, I’ve been thinking about why these power exchanges work so well for us. Two years ago I would have said that we might not succeed with enforced chastity. The odds were against us.

First: Mrs. Lion had no real experience with power exchange. Yes, many years ago we had done some BDSM play where she spanked me and did other toppish things. But there was no dominant or submissive role for either of us. I had years of experience in the dominant role and some experience switching as a bottom for play sessions. I had no real need to submit to anyone.

Second: Mrs. Lion actively avoided being in a position of power. Both at work and in her personal life she prefers to “go along” and not make waves. I, on the other hand, am a professional manager and naturally tend to take the leadership role.

Third: Mrs. Lion was indifferent about chastity devices and other BDSM toys. She isn’t repelled by them, but  never had an independent desire to be kinky. She always describes me as the guy her mother warned her about. I’ve had a lifelong interest in BDSM and the toys it involves. For almost two decades, from the moment I discovered them, I found chastity devices arousing.

Fourth: When I introduced her to enforced chastity, I had no plan to be forced to wait for an orgasm any longer than I wanted. When Mrs. Lion agreed to do it, she did it exactly the way I wanted because her goal was just to make me happy. She got nothing out of her role or my frustration.

Given this start, neither of us had much hope this would be more than another lion fad. In the past, I have had fantasies that I asked Mrs. Lion to bring to life. This time it was different. We started out pretty much the same way as we did with my previous “ideas”. She locked me in a device I had found on the Net. She unlocked me and masturbated me when I got horny. She unlocked me when a device got uncomfortable. I ordered a custom device (Jail Bird from Mature Metal). While we were waiting for it, we both got very impatient with the uncomfortable, hard to get on and off device I bought online.

We also started this blog. Between the blog and emails, we explored our feelings and my vision of enforced chastity. After we had been at it for a few weeks, I realized that I wanted Mrs. Lion to take charge of my sexuality. Neither of us were very sure what that meant, but as I suggested things, my sweet lioness agreed.

There were lots of experiments that we chronicled here. Some worked and others didn’t. Very slowly, the power exchange became real. We also noticed that our intimacy and communications were noticeably improved. Mrs. Lion decided that enforced chastity was an important feature of our marriage. Without any fanfare or awareness on our parts, Mrs. Lion decided that if I wanted out of enforced chastity, I wasn’t going to get it. In the beginning (January 2014), we agreed that we would continue enforced chastity until March 2016. We agreed that we would review it at that point and decide to either continue or quit. I’m not sure at the time that either of us really believed that we wold get to that date.

Six months before that date, we agreed we would not stop. In January 2016, Mrs. Lion announced that I was in enforced chastity for life and that she was going to take a much more active role as my keyholder and disciplining wife. She called that Lioness 2.0.

Now we are in a new phase of growth. 2.0 is getting her sea legs and things are tightening up in terms of our power exchange. I’m still not a bit submissive, but I am learning to be more obedient. Mrs. Lion is shedding her “go with the flow” attitude in favor of a more decisive lioness who is getting comfortable directing me. We’ve added FLR and domestic discipline (if you don’t know what those things are, just put your mouse on the terms for a definition). We are in the very early stages of those practices.

After our Huffington Post interview, I think we both were a bit surprised at how much we have changed as individuals and as a couple. More surprising is that what started as a kink evolved into a tool that is transforming our relationship. I’m sure we will continue to evolve. 2.0 is far more assertive and willing to come up with her own ways of doing things. My influence is still strong but is now clearly superseded by 2.0’s veto. I’m glad we were asked to discuss our adventure in enforced chastity. Aside from feeling honored, we both found that telling our story gave us a chance to reflect on our progress.


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    You both have come a long way from the beginning of this blog ..
    Congratulations Mrs.and Mr. Lion!

    1. Author

      Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully no one at work will say, “Wasn’t that you on the Huffington Post podcast?”

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