February 1

Yesterday I assured Lion that his date would not change unless he did something incredibly stupid. He didn’t. He did, however, have something on his punishment list. A big something. I grabbed the nasty bloodwood paddle with the rough stuff on it. I gave Lion four hard swats with the rough side and then gave him a rest. The next four were with the regular side of the paddle. He squirmed a little bit and I mentioned it to him. He said it really hurt and I said he needed to stay still. It’s not my problem that he can’t stay still. I’m only punishing him because he did something to warrant it.

I let him fester for a while and then I unlocked him. We snuggled for a bit and I teased him because he said he was very horny, but Mr. Weenie didn’t immediately spring to attention. What’s up with that? Was he really horny? Couldn’t be. He was hard soon enough though and it was apparent he was very horny. But weenies don’t get an orgasm just because they’re ready for one. They need to be edged a few times. Besides, I told Lion I wanted a lot of cream filling as a reward for letting him come. I had to make sure I’d get my treat.

After using my hand for a while I decided he needed oral attention. I got him oh so close a few times before I finally sucked him dry. He made the best noises. I guess he really was horny. And now he’s a satisfied boy who says he feels good this morning. I hope so. I also hope he’ll be very horny again on Valentine’s day for his next scheduled date. I bet he will. I’ll make sure of it.

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    Sounds like a wonderful night.

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