The Perfect Storm

Lion had a good weekend. He might have been in pain for some of it, but that’s all part of a good weekend for him. He even told me that I might as well do away with the regular clothespins because they don’t really hurt anymore. I told him he should learn to shut up. He said he didn’t want me to waste my time with things that won’t work. Okay. You asked for it. Just remember that.

When Lion wasn’t clothespinned or in the sling, he kept a watchful eye on his calendar. Mine too, I suppose, although mine won’t likely change for a while. He’s been nervous I’ll change his date. So far, so good. Today the stars have magically aligned and, unless something big happens between now and tonight, he gets his scheduled orgasm. Even though last night he said he was enjoying the level of horniness he’s at right now. It might be a shame to end that. Just sayin’. He insists he will enjoy his orgasm and be right back to the peak of horniness in no time.

I’m not exactly sure what would make me change his date. I was not moved to change it despite the fact that he remained clothed for at least an hour after we got home yesterday. I was doing something downstairs and he was on his computer, and when I came upstairs he was not naked. I asked if there was a reason he was still in clothes. Normally he says he needs to stay in clothes because he’ll be running outside to do something, or whatever he’s doing indoors would be safer with clothes on. I allow that. I’m not going to make him run around naked when there is a need for clothes. However, he was just doing something on the computer and had no plans to go back outside. When I asked him about it he gave me a sheepish grin and said he didn’t think it mattered. Apparently 2.0 cares. Well, 1.0 cared too. He just never really tested 1.0 like this. This is dangerous territory. Why test 2.0? He’s sampled very hard swats. I wouldn’t think he’d want more of the butt-blistering punishment he now knows 2.0 will hand out.

From another blog, he got the idea of a bank for collecting infractions so I could remember how many swats to give him. I’ve never really tied a specific number to a specific offense. He won’t automatically get six swats for getting food on himself, for example. His suggestion of a penny per infraction would not necessarily equate to a swat per penny. So yesterday I got the evil idea that perhaps he should get a quarter for the most serious things. Maybe leaving his clothes on would cost him a dime, but testing 2.0 might cost him that quarter. Can I charge him twice for the same thing? Isn’t that double dipping? Fine. How about two quarters for not being naked and testing 2.0? Want to go for three quarters? (Lion did not challenge me on this issue. This is the first he’s hearing about it. But I can hear the wheels turning and I’m just proactively putting the brakes on for him. (See? I do have his best interests at heart.)

Tonight should be very interesting. Punishment night and orgasm night. The perfect storm.


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    I think you should postpone his orgasm–and I think his blatant disregard for the rules should result in two punishments because testing you is definitely an infraction! After all you are in charge! lol

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