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Lion is having eye problems again. When I mentioned it to a coworker she jokingly asked if I hit him last night. I said, “No, not last night.” She has no idea that I just spanked him on Friday. And no idea that I’m planning on spanking him tonight. No one at work has any idea what goes on at our house. Sure, there are jokes about training husbands and keeping them in line, but no one is really serious. Or are they? If they don’t know how serious I am, how could I know how serious any of them is about this?

That’s the good and bad thing about our lifestyle. It makes for a good joke, but it largely lives in the shadows. A dominant woman is portrayed, by society, as a bitchy woman. She’s overbearing and rarely has her partner’s best interests in mind. While that may be true of some dominant women in real life, it’s certainly not true of the few women I know of who are involved in FLR. From my reading, we’re all doing it to make our partners happy. Some of us are natural born leaders who run the entire household because that’s what works best for them as a couple/family. It isn’t much of a stretch to continue on to domestic discipline.

It’s entirely possible that my coworkers do exactly what we do when they get home. No one ever talks about it. Then again, we don’t talk about sex in general. It’s not polite conversation. And if “regular” sex isn’t polite, then “weird” sex definitely isn’t. So it lives in the shadows and pops up from time to time in joking conversations. Lion wonders if my coworker was only half joking. There’s no way to know without venturing into that impolite area. I’m not brave enough to do that.

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    My wife and I are lucky enough that most of our friends are “in the scene”, and alternative lifestyles and sexuality are the norm. Still, we present as a “normal” male-dom couple, and it would feel quite uncomfortable to my wife to change this; therefore, our chastity play stays quite – but not completely – private.

    Originally, I felt this way too, but as I feel more comfortable in my own skin, and realize that this kink is just one aspect of our sexuality, I’m less concerned about being out, and think that it might be quite a bit of fun (I’m pretty sure – virtually certain, in fact – that some of our friends have some chastity play going on).

    I stumbled across a really enjoyable article, in a very unlikely place (“an old-fashioned girl’s guide to love and marriage”):


    It’s a very well-written article about a couple’s start into chastity play (introduced by the man, predictably), and how after the initial shock, the wife *really* grew to enjoy it. It also generated a long stream of very interesting comments – and this is from mainstream middle America.

    One of the comments:

    “Oh, its definitely a thing. It started in the bdsm community but has broken out and is becomming a popular mainstream activity. I first heard about it on fmh of all places. A girl at my work practices it with her hubby. She wears a clasp on her necklaces that dangles a little silver key on the back of her neck. When I asked her what the key was for she said ‘you don’t wanna know.’ I said I did and she told me it was the key to her hubby’s chastity tube (exact words). I was blushing so much I almost tripped on myself getting out of there. I have to admit it made me curious. Maybe I should go ask her about it.”

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