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Monday night I got to growl and cheer fully sanctioned by Mrs. Lion. We watched the NY Giants win over the Miami Dolphins. I am allowed to express myself at the TV during football. After Monday’s post from my lioness, that permission doesn’t extend to “Jeopardy”. My mood is less than wonderful lately because I have an auto-immune disorder that gives me hives and makes me itch. It isn’t an allergy. It’s just my body deciding to fight with itself. The allergist says it is quite common and harmless; just uncomfortable. I’m on a cocktail of antihistimines that make me tired. I am getting relief for a few hours at a time, then the itching returns. I’m told that this condition will self cure in a year or less. Gee thanks! You wonder why I am growling more than usual? I told Mrs. Lion that my behavior shouldn’t be excused by this illness. I just have to apply more self control. She’s been very kind so far.

This time of year is when I got serious about wanting to try enforced chastity. I suspect that the holidays provide a good opportunity to embark on the enforced chastity adventure, There are a lot of family and friend distractions to make initial waits less difficult.

What better gift than a card with a check made out to Mature Metal and a reference to our Getting A Good Fit page. There is  no doubt that it will be the most memorable gift of his life. It also sets the tone for successful enforced chastity. This is supposed to be fun. Taking his ability to orgasm away is fun? Oh yes it is.

That is the secret guys won’t tell you about enforced chastity. They love it. Well, maybe they love to hate it. The point is that playing with orgasms is good, clean fun for many guys. There can be a lot of pleasure in sexual frustration. It causes heightened interest in sex and opens the door to sexual conversations that most couples would never have otherwise.

Male orgasms are generally regarded by both men and women as something he likes a lot and should be provided as often as he wants. It isn’t something to talk about. Most guys never discuss the quality of their orgasms. They have them and are  happy when they get to ejaculate. Enforced chastity elevates the male orgasm to something that is discussed, analyzed, rated, and bargained for. It is no longer a right. It’s the goal in a game that he doesn’t control.

That’s what makes enforced chastity fun. It’s a game with very high stakes (to him) where the “house” holds all the aces. If he wins, his keyholder lets him have an orgasm. If he loses, he remains frustrated and wanting. This is fun for him?

Oh yes! It is, at least, for me. After waiting long enough to be really horny, it’s extremely exciting for me to have a chance to “win” an orgasm. It is even more exciting to lose that chance. The game aspect of enforced chastity may seem odd to the keyholder. But to the caged male it can be an extremely engrossing part of his life. It may seem cruel, but it isn’t. Both of you know that sooner or later he will get his orgasm and the game starts all over again. Some people get so involved in the game that even the male doesn’t want an orgasm. He wants to keep playing.

In my opinion, that’s not a desirable outcome. It’s up to the keyholder to keep things balanced. Imagine that! A guy doesn’t want his orgasm. That illustrates how much males like me love the thrill of the chase. This game of enforced chastity plays on our deepest instinct: the desire to win a chance to mate with a desirable female — you! The prolonged chase for the orgasm is a perfect substitute for running after new females.

It took me a while to realize that chase is a big part of orgasm control for me. I love wondering whether tonight will be the big night or not. Even though my orgasms are scheduled, there is nothing to say that Mrs. Lion won’t make me wait longer or surprise me with a bonus. In fact knowing the date and then learning I didn’t earn my orgasm on that date is a pretty dramatic element of the game. Sometimes you win and very often you lose in the chastity game.


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    Totally agree about Christmas time being a great time to begin the Chastity life.☺

    In my case after already being locked for well over a year, for a Christmas present,both my Lady and a chastity buddy who wears a Mature Metal,
    gave me cash presents to put towards a
    Mature Metal Jailbird .
    Best Christmas present..ever…!

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