Lion’s Best Friend

magic wand vibrator
Lion’s new best friend, the cordless Magic Wand vibrator.

I thought I was Lion’s best friend. It turns out his best friend is battery operated. We played with the Magic Wand again last night and he’s said several times that he really likes it. This from the man who said vibrators do nothing for him. Apparently he just hadn’t found the right one.

I know Lion is very horny right now and maybe that has a lot to do with his being enamored of the vibrator. Alas, he was not horny enough to warrant an orgasm. I don’t know. There was just something missing. I got him close, but I wasn’t feeling it. He didn’t achieve beautiful penis status. Too bad. Maybe we can try again today. We’re going out tonight so if it doesn’t happen this afternoon, it’s not happening until tomorrow, at least. Who knows? He may actually make it till his next scheduled orgasm before he gets the last one.

I realize I’m playing with fire though. Sure, he’s horny right now. Yesterday was the fifth day so he is at the height of horniness. After day seven he sort of drops on the horniness scale. If his penis is not beautiful by tomorrow I may have to hit reset and give him an orgasm anyway. Maybe, if I have to do that, it should be a no frills orgasm. Is there such a thing? I mean no fanfare. Just a boring reset. Maybe no edging. Just right to the orgasm and be done with it. He shouldn’t enjoy a reset, should he? Yes, he’d get an orgasm which he should enjoy anyway, but if it’s a bare bones (no pun intended) orgasm then it wouldn’t be as enjoyable. I think. I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go along.

On the other hand, if I threaten a reset orgasm, he might just pull a beautiful penis out of thin air. It’s difficult to tell how Lion’s mind will deal with things like this. I’ll have to think about it for a while.