More Lion Changes

Recently Mrs. Lion changed her approach toward how she provides sex for me. She realized that I need more variety than either of us imagined. A good deal of the newly-implemented variety involves cock and ball torture. Lately, when I see the zip lock bag of painful cock and ball toys come out, I groan inwardly. Not more pain! My cock doesn’t groan, it gets hard. Clearly I am outvoted on pain play. Mrs. Lion loves clothespins. You can see her famous “porcupine” (NSFW) by clicking the “more” link at the end of this post. One glance at the picture betrays my enjoyment of this painful activity.

There’s one activity that doesn’t arouse me one bit: spanking. Friday night we went out to dinner and I managed to drip some butter on my shirt. When we got home, I was told to roll over on my stomach for punishment. I was able to hold still for some swats, but the pain got to me and I squirmed and rolled over. Clearly I need much more practice to hold still for a full-blown punishment spanking. I have made progress. I held still for a lot more than I did in the past. I just seem to reach a point when I can’t hold still any more. This is probably the exact time the punishment is making the corrective pain most effective. Getting past that will require a lot of suffering for me and lots of exercise for my lioness.

Friday night Mrs. Lion used the Magic Wand vibrator on me. It is the formerly-branded Hitachi Magic Wand, but the name got shortened; probably because Hitachi was embarrassed its name is associated with orgasms. I love the way that thing makes me feel.  Mrs. Lion’s technique drives me up the wall.

One of the most significant changes I am feeling is that I am getting erections while in the Jail Bird. Obviously, they aren’t real erections. I feel the pressure as the cage restrains my penis and the erectile tissue behind the base ring pushes everything out a little. Before yesterday, spontaneous erections were very rare. Now it doesn’t take much more than a little sexy thought to start one.

Saturday marked six days since my last orgasm. On the sixth day I generally get grumpy and don’t feel very sexy at all. Not this time. I can’t seem to stop thinking about Mrs. Lion’s hand and mouth and her magic wand. Each time I do, I can feel the swelling between my  legs. This is so different I wonder what’s going on. The big question for me is whether this will last? Will continued teasing without orgasm keep me like this or will my interest fade? Will an orgasm reset me and cause this cycle to repeat? Or, will I go back to my former pattern? Happily I’m not going to find out. Yesterday afternoon, once I had been teased and spent several minutes wearing two clothespins on the head of my penis, Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful oral orgasm. I still haven’t achieved the “beautiful penis” Mrs. Lion referred to in her post yesterday. I found an old picture she took that I think is me in the condition she wrote about. It’s under the “more” link below.

Click the link below for images of my balls decorated with many clothespins and an older picture of my penis at the “beautiful penis” level of arousal. NSFW

balls covered with clothespins
My balls in Mrs. Lion’s “porcupine” mode.


very hard penis
Taken a few years ago, Mrs. Lion selected this picture as the “beautiful penis” when I am at maximum arousal. She decorated me with velcro strips. See what I mean? How can I claim I don’t like Velcro.