Time Is Not On My Side

According to Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, I will stay wild into the weekend. I do enjoy not wearing the cage. But it doesn’t make me horny or tempts me to do anything sexual. The big reason, other than I won’t  do anything on my own is that after three days of no stimulation, I lose interest. It isn’t incurable, but it does bother me that it happens at all. It’s natural; I know that. The older a man gets, the easier it is to abandon sex. I don’t have the stats at my fingertips, but libido drops off each year over fifty. One reason the vast majority of guys practicing enforced chastity are over fifty. Very few are under forty. In my case, it wasn’t flagging sexual drive as much as how exciting the thought of penis bondage is to me.

Based on my reading of posts and forum entries by men over fifty who I believe are not just writing fantasies, it seems that many are happy to have longer and longer waits. Some are happy to abandon orgasms permanently. I have no doubt that the decision is partly due to loss of sexual interest. The bonus is that the keyholder has been getting lots of orgasms so she is very happy to continue as sexual recipient. Most of the men report that they get sexual pleasure from their keyholders’ orgasms and substitute it for their own.

For a long time I found that hard to believe. I love my orgasms and I couldn’t see giving them up for any reason. But now that I have had no stimulation for most of the week, I can understand how that happens. Mrs. Lion reported that I had little interest in play. She said it was due to all the changes going on. I’m sure that is a big contributor. Another is that Mrs. Lion shows no real inclination to play until after 9 PM. Given I get about five hours sleep a night and as it gets later I get more itchy and tired, it isn’t surprising that my interest is low.

Mrs. Lion needs time to unwind and play iPad games. Unfortunately, when she is ready to go, I’ve past my play-before time. This isn’t a new issue. It’s come up before. I really can’t do anything. Time is not on my side. Every passing day without stimulation reduces my overall interest. Every evening when it passes 9 PM, what interest I had is gone. The general theory that the longer a man waits, the more desperate for sex he gets simply isn’t true for me. Every day without stimulation (edging or teasing) reduces my interest. If I’m watching TV, which is one reason I get for not playing earlier, I  can always hit “pause”. I know that Mrs. Lion says that I don’t show interest and that is a reason she doesn’t try. Of course, every day that goes by without teasing, the lower my hormones go and the less interested I am the next day.

I am sure that with an early start and her amazing lion-teasing skills, Mrs. Lion can revive me. Unfortunately,this isn’t just about sexual desire. For me, at least, there is an emotional cost. Each day as the 9 PM witching hour approaches I feel sad. It isn’t a bratty, “Why am I being ignored” feeling. It’s just my realization that I am getting too uncomfortable and tired even if she wants to play. I also realize that tomorrow I will be less interested. I’m not blaming Mrs. Lion. I think it is just my biological realities. My allergies get the best of me as the evening wears on and my ability to generate sexual hormones without stimulation prevents me from being horny the next day. I can get it all back with some attention from Mrs. Lion.

This has been a very instructive week. It’s proven to me that my initial assumption about enforced chastity that the male becomes more and more desperate for sex and becomes easier to control, was completely wrong. Over time, less for me, more for younger men, sexual interest will lessen and eventually disappear. In my case that doesn’t take long at all. I imagine at some point it becomes nearly impossible to reverse. I know Mrs. Lion won’t ever let that happen to me.