Don’t Poke the Lioness

Lion likes to assume the worst. What I see as a week’s worth of getting used to his new job and how that affects the way things run around here, he sees as a loss for his libido and play time. It’s not enough that I said we’ll catch up on the weekend. He should know about trying to catch up on things since we’re trying to play catch up with our bills. It doesn’t happen overnight. Well it could, but I couldn’t make the weekend get here any faster. Believe me, I tried.

Today I was going to have a me day. Lion has had an extended, albeit unwanted, vacation for the past six months. Today was going to be my first me day in a long time. I had big plans. I had no plans. That’s what me time is. I was going to vegetate. Then life invaded. There are chores to do. I get it. Lion did a lot while he was home. I just wanted one day. Nope.

Lion is unhappy about being neglected. Understandable. I’m unhappy when he ignores me too. However, we spoke about the uncertainty of his new job. There were logistics we couldn’t control. By the time we get home we’re tired and then we need dinner and then we need showers and then we can settle in. Lion talks about pausing the TV. The other night when I went to take a shower he acted like he didn’t want to pause it so I could watch the show with him. But he wants to pause it to play. Okay. Last night he didn’t want to watch Jeopardy so he could turn on the football game. I’m going to tell him to pause the Giants when they are actually playing well so we can play? I don’t think so. Well, tonight that won’t be an issue.

I’m hiding the remotes. All of them. Living room, bedroom, Lion’s office – hidden. There’s nothing to pause if you can’t turn it on to begin with. Will I miss Jeopardy again? Yup. Will Lion be neglected tonight? Nope. Will I be able to resurrect Mr. Weenie from the dead? I don’t know but I’m going to try. And whether Mr. Weenie cooperates or not, Lion will be locked up again tonight. I know I said he was going to be wild till after his orgasm on Saturday or Sunday, but I’ve changed my mind. Don’t poke the lioness and you won’t feel her claws.