Getting Back on Track

We’re coming to the end of Lion’s first week of work. Are we any closer to working out dinner and play time? Not yet. But I think we needed a week to have some idea of how long Lion’s commute will be. It turns out that we get home at about the same time assuming we both leave work at our regular time. Of course, so far we don’t know what Lion’s “regular” time will be once he really gets into the fray at work. And I’m debating if I should go back to pre-two job hours of five days a week. Part of me sees the benefit in being able to leave work at an earlier hour. Part of me wants to selfishly keep Friday to myself.

The one thing I do see that needs consideration is getting ready in the morning. We can’t both be trying to go into the walk-in closet at the same time. Neither of us can stand in the middle of the bathroom while the other is trying to get through. I had a system that worked when I was the only one getting ready. That won’t necessarily work with both of us getting ready. How did we do it when Lion was working before? We didn’t get ready at the same exact time. There was very little running into each other. I’d be on my way out the door by the time Lion started his routine. Obviously these are not big issues, just logistics, and we’ll work them out quickly.

This morning Lion said we need to get back on track with spanking and play. He’s concerned being wild is causing a problem. I didn’t mean for it to. I was trying to be nice while he hashed out his new job. I think working is causing the problem. He had plenty of time to be horny before he got the job. I’m kidding, of course. We need him to work. And we need him to be horny. Last night we snuggled and I got him somewhat hard, but he clearly wasn’t interested. When I asked if he was horny he sort of snapped at me that the longer we wait the less horny he is. I should know that, he said, I said it in my post. Well, yes, but he could still be horny without play. It is possible. Maybe not probable, but possible. I knew he wouldn’t be ready for edging last night, but I was a little surprised when he got hard at all. And then when he was hard, he just seemed to want to end our snuggling. Well, we were both tired, I was achy, and he was allergic.

My goal for this weekend is to have some extended play. I don’t know if it will be anal, or spanking, or what, but we do need to get back on track. I don’t know if Lion will be ready for his orgasm on Saturday. We may need to push it off till Sunday. If he hasn’t been horny he shouldn’t miss it, right? One thing I know for certain, he will be horny by the time he gets his orgasm. And another thing I know for certain is that he will be caged again by Sunday night at the latest.