The day after an orgasm is sometimes lazy. Lion’s back was hurting a little and we just took the day off from playing. I guess it makes sense, especially this time, since we had an extended play session and, I hope, it was very intense for Lion. However, I did forget it was maintenance spanking night. We’ll have to make it up tonight.

Tonight we’ll also start getting ready for another trip. We’re meeting up with some people we met last year. I’m hoping it will be fun. At the very least, Lion will be wild and we can adjourn to the travelling dungeon for some fun of our own. I’m sure he’ll say he can have an orgasm anywhere. He’s not fussy. What a guy!

Plus this is the first weekend he won’t be responsible for making breakfast. He’s very excited about that. I’m not sure why. It’s just breakfast. I wasn’t as excited when I delegated it to him. I guess he really isn’t a morning person. No morning sex. No making breakfast. Chances are we’ll wind up eating the same thing he’d make anyway. And I’m pretty sure he’ll be making French toast at some point either this weekend or next.

Lion just reported in about his morning interview. It went well and they want another interview this afternoon. He says they love him. I told him he’s mine and they can only rent him. He wanted to know, since I own him, do I get to keep the rent? I’m not sure if that was a thinly veiled request for me to take more control or if he was just playing along. My prize is the Lion himself. The money just pays for things. It’s him I want. My fingers are crossed. He needs some good news after all this time.

Naturally, job or no job, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s caged and will be caged for the foreseeable future. I know he enjoys his wild mini vacations. Everybody needs time off, but then they come home. And, in his case, gets locked up again. Safe and sound. I like having him unlocked for the trips. It’s fun to see a naked weenie. The bathroom is less messy. He’s more comfortable. And it’s fun to see a naked weenie. It’s easier to fondle him. I don’t need to remember the key. And it’s fun to see a naked weenie. Vacations are fun!