(Saturday, October 25, 2014) Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday that she prefers being naked while topping me. In the past I’ve expressed that I think it is sexier if she is dressed.  I thought it was a small thing that wouldn’t matter to her. In a traditional BDSM scene, the top is almost always clothed unless getting sexual service from the bottom. Being naked in the presence of clothed people is a powerful symbol of vulnerability. There’s an entire fetish of CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) that features a naked man with one or more clothed women who tease, play, and masturbate him. To me, that is extremely hot.

Does that mean Mrs. Lion should be dressed when we play? Well, yes and no. I like when she is clothed, but it isn’t that important to me. Why? Because we have been together a long time and being naked in her presence doesn’t have that little humiliation it would in front of others. It comes down to what works for both of us. I had no idea that by being naked she felt more connected. That seems a bit weird to me. When we play, very little of her body is involved; mostly her hands and mouth (if I am lucky). So Mrs. Lion prefers NFNM (Naked Female Naked Male) which is the vanilla mode for sex. Based on what she wrote, being naked improves her enjoyment of our play. By all means she should be naked then! It isn’t about what I want, right?

When we play, I don’t see her a great deal of the time. I am either on my knees or stomach facing away from her, or in the sling where I am looking straight up in the air. From a practical point of view, Mrs. Lion can be naked without it being a problem for me. This reminds me of an old friend. She was a dominant and played often. The guys who bottomed to her liked to see her in leather. So, she would dress in tight, sexy leather pants, vest, etc. when they arrived at her place or at a party. She would restrain them and blindfold them. Next, she took off her leathers and put on comfy jeans and a t-shirt. The bottoms never knew the difference. In their minds (and no, I wasn’t her play partner), she was this hot leather-clad dominatrix, but in reality she was comfortably dressed in jeans. If I think about it, the only time that having Mrs. Lion clothed makes a difference is when she edges me or masturbates me with no hope of sex with her. Even then, I am fine if she is bare too. We have a very nice blindfold. Maybe Mrs. Lion will use it.

There is one article of “clothing” that it is helpful for Mrs. Lion to wear at times. That is rubber gloves. I don’t have a rubber fetish. The gloves don’t turn me on. But, when she is working on getting her hand in my ass, the gloves provide a smoother surface. The same is true of dildos. The ones that are smooth without the bumps and veins of a silicone penis are much more comfortable to accept. Try it yourself. It’s surprising how much difference that change in surface makes. Once I get comfortable accepting larger objects, the gloves can certainly come off. I can then also handle more realistic dildos too.

Some time this weekend Mrs. Lion said she will put me in the sling for some penetration and other play. I will ask Mrs. Lion to take some pictures that we can share here. My level of interest has gone way up. I’m getting spontaneous erections again and actually want to come. It’s been a week since my last orgasm. I am ok if I don’t come this weekend. It might be interesting to see how things develop if I have to wait longer.