I’m Just Playing

A number of years ago we played a game involving a timer and a weenie. Lion had a certain length of time to have an orgasm or he had to take a break and try again. I varied the time from 30 seconds to a few minutes. More recently I’ve tried a similar game involving the number and speed of strokes. For example, twenty slow strokes, ten fast strokes, twenty slow strokes, ten fast strokes, etc. The problem with the former is that the goal was for Lion to have an orgasm and that’s not necessarily the goal now. It is possible that I could try to train him not to come within that time frame. He’d have to hold out. I don’t know if I want to do that.

I’ve been trying to come up with a new timer game for a while. It may have to be a hybrid of the two games. Perhaps a timed set for getting him warmed up and then a period of counted strokes. On the other hand, maybe the goal should be to allow him to come if he can do so within the allotted time. You see why this has taken me so long to figure out. There are too many variables. How horny is he? How quickly will he be ready? How many strokes will it take? I’m looking to make things interesting, but not at the expense of my own sanity.

Another idea I had was to set a certain number of times to edge him and if I didn’t break him by then he deserved an orgasm. Do I tell Lion how many tries he has? It could work for or against him. He could be thinking that he just needs to make it three more times and then he gets to come. Or he could think three more times is just too daunting and not be able to do it. I guess that’s all part of the game.

Since none of this really does anything for me, I don’t know what would be fun and what wouldn’t. This is one of the reasons I need Lion’s input. Yes, I’m in charge, but I need to know if I’m missing the mark. If he says something will be difficult for him it doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t try it. Chastity and FLM is all about trial and error.

We’ll put our heads together and come up with a plan. We make a pretty good team.


  1. Author

    Give him a range say 7 to 9. You tell him the top number, but if you think he’s gonna break by 7,let him have an o. My range the second time was 12 to 14. I almost broke at 11. Martha let me o thank her and god!

  2. Author

    Here’s what I would want…

    1. Not knowing if you are allowed to cum is better.
    2. Getting let out or stimulation is not necessarily leading to an orgasm.
    3. Tell him to edge. Repeat 3 times. Lock him up again.
    4. If I he says it’s difficult, it means he wants to try it.
    5. Take it out of your hands. Roll a dice, but don’t let him see them. Roll one dice to determine how many times he gets to come, Roll another to determine how many times he gets teased, and roll three/four dice to determine how many weeks, or something like that. He’ll know the chances, but not the outcomes. Even if he gets out, he doesn’t know if it’s time to come or just a tease. Roll the dice to determine how many times he needs to edge before cumming.
    6. Alternately, roll two dice to determine how long he has to play with himself, then lock him up whether is finished or not.

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