She Got Me Oh So Close!

Wednesday night things got better; much better.. The evening started with Mrs. Lion bathing me in the shower. As is her custom, she began by washing me with a washcloth. She used it on my cock and balls. It felt very good. She knows I like the feeling of her hands so she put down the washcloth soaped up her hands and gave a more thorough cleaning to my stiffening cock.

I responded almost immediately. In the few seconds she took to thoroughly clean me, I was nearly fully erect. I silently hoped she would see the need to do some more scrubbing. She didn’t. I was way past half-mast when she stopped. I hope she will spend a bit more time assuring that I’m squeaky clean during my next shower.

Later in the evening I asked her if we were going to snuggle. She said we could and moved over, putting her head on my chest. She rested there for some time. I asked her if she was going to do more and she responded,


Her hand moved down and she began caressing her weenie. It felt very good and I hardened immediately. As soon as I was hard enough, she began masturbating me, her head still on my chest. After a bit, she sat up and began jerking me off in earnest. For a while I didn’t think I was going to get close to ejaculating. However, she’s no quitter and soldiered on.

After a few minutes, I could feel myself getting more and more excited. She could sense it too. Her hand kept moving rhythmically and I felt my hips helping her along. I started to get close. She stopped.

“See?”, She asked, “you’re not stuck anymore.”

In a breathy voice I answered, “Yes.”

Then she resumed massaging my penis. She kept up a steady, rather fast rhythm. It didn’t take long for my hips to start moving again. Up and down, up and down. I could feel myself getting closer, much closer than before.

She stopped.

I exhaled loudly. She then moved her hand to the top of my cock and with rapid short strokes moved up and down over my sensitive spot. She kept going. Soon, I felt myself getting close again. She didn’t stop. I got much closer. My breathing changed to short pants.

She stopped.

She waited.

It felt like she was waiting forever. My cock remained rock hard. Finally, she started again; rapid strokes less than an inch long over the top of my shaft. It took a little while this time, but I felt myself getting ready to come. Once again, she stopped.

This time, she only stopped for a few seconds and then resumed working on the top of my penis. She gave me a short burst maybe five or 10 seconds of rapid strokes. She stopped again.

I really wanted to come!

After only a few seconds she started again. This time, maybe five strokes. She stopped.

Two seconds.

Five more strokes.


She repeated this pattern a few times. I knew that if she did it once more I would be past the point of no return.

She must’ve known too. Her hand never returned. I found myself humping air for a few seconds. She waited a little bit, then moved around and sucked my penis just long enough to make me wish she wouldn’t stop.

“I told you I could get you close,” she said.

“Yes,” I breathlessly agreed.

Mrs. Lion has become an amazingly good cock tease. She can hold me on the edge as long as she wants. I was almost positive that this time she would go all the way in celebration of my returned libido. I’m very glad she didn’t. While I’m not a big fan of long waits, I’m enjoying her teasing immensely. I’m looking forward to the next session.

There’s only one thing I would change. It isn’t a very big ask. But it would make a lot of difference to me. We’ve fallen into a pattern of me asking Mrs. Lion to snuggle. In a way, that makes me feel that I have more control than I really do. I think it would be very cool if she decided when the action would begin.

Also, maybe it would be fun to break the pattern by having her not snuggle at all, just sit down next to me and begin her teasing. I’m not saying that what we are doing now is wrong. It’s not. I love it.

My arousal seems to happen in two distinct phases. During the first one, Mrs. Lion vigorously masturbates me. I feel good, but don’t feel even close to ejaculating. After a while, I feel myself getting more excited. If she continues masturbating me, my excitement grows and I feel an interest in getting off. She generally gets me fairly close by jerking me off this way before she stops.

When she switches to her “burst mode”, the sensations come much more quickly. I can feel like I am miles away from coming. But, 25 strokes administered over my sweet spot leaves me breathless and hips rising begging her to  let me ejaculate. Depending on how long she waits between bursts, only a few strokes will bring me right back to that spot or, if she waits more than a few seconds, it takes about 30 seconds to get me humping air again.

This pattern feels amazing to me. I think Mrs. Lion discovered it when she decided to give me ruined orgasms. The technique usually used to produce a ruined orgasm features bursts of stroking followed by 15 seconds or so of no stimulation. It can sometimes take that long for the ruined orgasm to make itself known.

This same pattern works very well to produce super close edging. Of course, there is the risk that “one too many” strokes will result in semen leaking out. Before my surgery we had a number of those incidents.

I imagine that most women never get the chance to develop such a refined teasing technique. I’m really glad Mrs. Lion has perfected it. The sensations are amazing.

I have one more small wish: I would love to know how Mrs. Lion feels about doing these things for me. I know they don’t turn her on. She doesn’t enjoy sexual feelings right now. But I wonder if she gets any sort of pleasure or amusement from doing this. I suppose it doesn’t matter because she wants to control me this way. I just wonder if she’s also having fun.