We humans like to measure things. We like to count. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and numerous holidays. Each one marked on our calendars so we won’t forget. I like to track things. Today is the 500th day that I have been locked in enforced chastity. You might imagine me making a scratch mark on the wall of my genital cell each night before going to sleep. You could think of me counting the days until my eventual release. But that would be wrong. I’m celebrating an important change in my life. Five hundred days ago Mrs. Lion made a wish come true.

Ever since the mid-nineties I have found the idea of enforced chastity very arousing. Long before I met Mrs. Lion I was fascinated with this particular form of bondage. I first read about it on altair boy’s website. It looks much the same now as it did back then. I gobbled up the fantasies and the reviews of various devices. I was so fascinated that I started a web site of my own to review these items. I got to try on all sorts of penis bondage devices. It was very exciting. But I never seriously considered handing over the key and remaining locked for more than a few days. I stopped reviewing and testing after a year.

About 560 days ago, I typed “chastity” in the Amazon search box. I don’t know why, but I did. To my surprise, a large number of inexpensive male chastity devices were displayed. I got that old feeling again. I could feel myself getting hard as I looked at each device. They were inexpensive enough that I decided to order a couple. When they arrived, I quietly put them on to see how they felt. I liked it. The fit wasn’t good, so I went back to the site and to others in search of something that fit. It didn’t take long to find one that seemed to work.

Five hundred days ago, I gathered all my courage and asked Mrs. Lion if she would lock me up. She immediately agreed. She wasn’t enthusiastic, but seemed to accept my request as one more “crazy lion idea.” Shortly after that, I started this blog. It chronicles our adventures almost from the very first day. Neither Mrs. Lion nor I expected that this would last very long. She was sure I would grow tired of it after a week or two. I didn’t. To this day I don’t know why. Wearing a chastity device all the time poses all sorts of little challenges: I have to pee sitting down or risk spraying everywhere. In the RV, even sitting is not great; the shape of the bowl has my balls resting on the toilet wall and I bathe them with pee. The device can pinch sometimes and requires little adjustments. It’s not the most convenient clothing accessory in the world. And, masturbation is impossible.

I had been jerking off between one and three times a week. Mrs. Lion’s libido has been hibernating for years. If I was lucky, she would give me a handjob once a month. I had been taking things into my own hands for years. Now, with the chastity device, I could no longer do that. I confessed here in the blog that I had been masturbating all along. Mrs. Lion didn’t realize that. As part of our enforced chastity, she provided sexual release, usually a handjob, at much more frequent intervals than in the past. I traded do-it-yourself ejaculation for the much-more-pleasurable lioness handjobs.  Now and then I got the bonus of oral release. More significantly, these releases were at her discretion. I had lost control of my orgasms. Of course, that’s the main intent of enforced chastity.

It’s funny, but I didn’t fully understand that for some time. Since sexual attention from her was so rare before we started, I felt that my sex life had picked up considerably since being locked. In fact it had. I was teased and edged regularly; every other day at first and lately, every day. Mrs. Lion makes sure I can’t forget that I am horny and unable to get release without her providing it.

To our surprise, we both really like this change. I know that Mrs. Lion gets no thrill from her control of me, but she does enjoy the renewed physical closeness we now enjoy. Sadly, her libido hasn’t improved in the last 500 days, but we both hope that we can figure out how to fix that at some point. In the meantime, I’m the only one having orgasms and she is the only one providing them. She’s learned to enjoy my frustration as the days since my last orgasm increase. In a perverse way, I’m enjoying that too. We hug and cuddle more. We also have a sexual language we can share even while Mrs. Lion’s interest in sex for herself isn’t there. Enforced chastity has given us that language. I know that we are unusual. Enforced chastity is a very minor member of the D/S spectrum of activities. It is one of the only power exchanges that is practical to maintain 24/7 forever, but it works for us.

Sometimes I wonder if we could have found this one-sided-but-mutually-satisfying form of sex without a chastity device. It’s possible but unlikely that we would have succeeded. The device’s unforgiving efficiency makes it impossible for us to slip into inactivity. The combination of my hormones and the constantly visible device (at least when we are home, since I am always naked there) serve to assure that we will always remember our sexual roles. That’s important. On the 500th day, our activities are just as important as they were on the first. The constant teasing keeps my hormones flowing. It also reminds Mrs. Lion that she provides the only sexual activity I can enjoy. It’s monogamy with a vengeance; and we love it more now than we did 500 days ago.


  1. Author

    Congrats !!
    i am at almost exactly the same time in my jailbird..
    however FAR less orgasms ..lol…7 …4 with jailbird cage removed..3 in cage
    (Magic wand induced)
    All told i have been locked for just a week shy of 32 months..
    quite the ride ..
    lovin every minute of it.
    little twist for me..
    Miss K and i have been talking about sealing the key channel with gorilla glue..final decision will be this weekend ..although She seems to already have made up Her mind ..could be because if She does want me to orgasm, it can simply be done with me in the cage

    that said if She ever does decide to play with the little fella the lock can be sliced through quite easily with a dremmel..ha ha..course that means i will always have to remember to have one available …

    It has been very interesting reading your blog each day and seeing how both of you have learned and progressed ..
    keep up the good work!

  2. Author

    Way to go! Happy for both.

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