Eventful Night and Day for Lion

Today is backward day in the Lion’s den. I am doing chores while Lion is off taking a grilling class he bought pre-unemployment from Groupon. Yesterday he was talking about not going. He’s been feeling depressed about the job situation and didn’t feel like socializing. I think the only reason he went is because it would have wasted the money he spent on the class. His heart really isn’t in it. Meanwhile, I am defrosting the freezer, baking a pie I found in said freezer and doing any other things I can find that need doing.

Last night was Lion’s scheduled orgasm. I was worried he wouldn’t be ready for it since I accidentally gave him a ruined orgasm on Friday night. I was mad at myself for doing it. I knew when his scheduled date was and he’s usually not horny the day after a ruined orgasm. I was happy when he gave the “Lion weather report” and said he was horny. When I unlocked him and started to play he wondered why he was getting attention two nights in a row. I asked him if he’d rather I didn’t and he quickly told me it was my decision. That’s what I thought! Of course he didn’t know an orgasm was on the way.

He was happy when I moved between his legs. In no time he was squirming. Not quite bucking but I knew he wanted to. When I sucked him for a while and stopped I bet he was sure I was just going to tease him. A few more times like that and he must have been absolutely positive it wasn’t his night. Until it was. And he let out a big moan, which is a relatively new thing. He has always been a quiet ejaculator. I think he’s been more vocal since he’s been caged. Maybe it’s all that pent up energy. Whatever it is I like it. That’s another bonus of chastity.

I hope Lion has some fun today at his class. Then he can have more fun applying that knowledge to cooking me dinner. Win-win.