I spent Easter Sunday at a grilling and smoking class. I signed up for it last fall while still working. As Mrs. Lion wrote, I wasn’t enthusiastic about attending. I’m not feeling all that great being out of work. But since it was paid for, and at worst I would end up with a lot of tasty food, I went. It was a good decision. The instructor was excellent and the school well equipped. I came home with some useful knowledge I can apply to add some more flavor to our diets. Mrs. Lion spent the day working around the house. We do share chores. While we may have a wife-led-marriage, we still share the load. In the best sense of the word we are a partnership. It’s just that she’s the senior partner with the final say.

Saturday night I was truly surprised when Mrs. Lion unlocked my cage and began playing with me. That activity ended with a full orgasm by mouth. I loved it! The night before, our regular tease night, I had received an accidental ruined orgasm. I know Mrs. Lion was worried I wouldn’t enjoy an orgasm the very next night. I have to admit that when she started to tease me, I wasn’t very aroused. However, that quickly changed and I had a wonderful time.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that our take on enforced chastity and wife led marriage is very much our own. I suspect that most of the people who actually practice these things have also individualized them in many ways. The biggest problem is that the people with the least experience tend to do the most writing in blogs and on forums. We, for example, are not in a position to talk authoritatively about wife led marriage. We’ve been doing that less than a month. Of course, we have shared what we learn as we learn it.

I’m particularly bothered by the amazing amount of fantasy masked as fact on various blogs. Fantasy is so much more appealing than fact. I’m getting better at sorting things out. One blog that I have delisted, wrote several posts about hiring a personal trainer for her husband. This trainer, surprise surprise, also spanked him. Really? In fact, one of the typical ways fantasies unmask themselves is when they discuss outsiders magically participating in their activities. I’m not saying it never happens, but not nearly as often as the Web might lead you to believe.

There’s nothing wrong with fantasies. I enjoy them sometimes. But when the people presenting the fantasies pretend they are fact, people new to our kinks get very wrong ideas. Women, in particular, whose partners have discussed enforced chastity or wife led marriage with them are particularly vulnerable to these fictions. There have been times when Mrs. Lion said she felt she wasn’t doing a good job because she didn’t perform the actions a blog said that she should. Of course, the blog was written by a lonely guy who likes to masturbate to hot chastity stories, even his own.

Even here at The Journal, occasionally some poor soul will write a long comment that is his story. It always starts with his wife or girlfriend surprising him with a chastity device and then goes on to talk about what she does to him and makes him do. Why in the world would anyone want to send that to us? If I publish it, does he get status and credibility? It seems pathetic to me. It reminds me of the guys who used to attend TES (BDSM organization in NY) meetings. They came week after week and asked any new female if she would be their mistress. Now, that is a sterling pick-up line if I ever heard one. Sheesh.

I didn’t mean to rant. I just want to help provide a safe, authentic place for people who want to try or who are living with enforced chastity and FLR. I’m thinking about things I can do to expand this beyond our blog. Any ideas?