Daily Orgasms

Tally marks
Keeping score. I have been on a daily orgasm regime for some time now.

In an earlier post, Mrs. Lion mentioned that caging me didn’t mean I would necessarily be denied orgasms, it could mean I would get many of them.  She even suggested I might have to come many times in a single day. This certainly sheds a new light on forced male chastity!

Her point is well taken. Most of us, especially caged males, think of forced chastity as a frustrating sexual desert. Many want that. They want the denial and teasing as a way to demonstrate sexual submission. Many celebrate how long they have gone without release. I admit that I never wanted to run the abstinence marathon. I want the sexual control. So when lioness wrote about daily orgasms as an activity for me, I scratched my head for a bit and then realized that this was a very valid form of sexual control.

The process began this last Wednesday I received a very nice handjob and enjoyed the orgasm immensely. The process was repeated every day except Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, lioness put IcyHot on my balls. I couldn’t take the burn and asked to wash it off. She let me. Then she said that since I didn’t suffer through the IcyHot, I wouldn’t get my daily orgasm. I was a little relieved. Orgasms resumed on Sunday when I was surprised with great oral sex. Last night I came yet again. My semen production is pretty low at this point, but it still feels great to get teased and then get release. Stay tuned. Apparently lioness is not done with the series.

She also wrote about multiple orgasms in a single day. It appears her plan is to masturbate me to orgasm every hour or two (or some other interval). This is great fun in the beginning, but after two or three, it gets uncomfortable (sore penis) and increasingly difficult to come. That difficulty makes it take longer and make the penis sorer. It’s funny how something we crave can turn into something we want to stop.

I wonder whether I will become conditioned to want sex much more frequently and as a result, make waiting even more difficult. Devious lioness!