What Happens If We Play the Record Backwards?

When most people think of male chastity they immediately think of orgasm deprivation. If the purpose of locking a man’s penis up is to keep him from playing with it then depriving him of sexual release seems obvious. After all, he should be pleasing his keyholder. Those are the rules. I’ve never been one to follow the rules. I think that’s why I’ve been having such a hard time topping Lion. Besides, aren’t I the one making the rules?

If you’ve been following us, you know that my libido is in the dumpster. I think one of the reasons many keyholders are able to be so successful is that they are as horny as their caged male. When they want to be pleasured they just order their males to perform. That’s not the case with Lion and I. It’s not that I don’t want Lion. I just don’t want sex. Not interested in my own pleasure at the moment. So when the rules say your caged male has to pleasure you, where does that leave me?

Perhaps I’m evolving from just wanting Lion caged because it makes him happy into creating my own pleasure even if it isn’t a sexual pleasure. I decided the other day that Lion should have to give me an orgasm every night. And since I don’t particularly care about having an orgasm of my own, I’ve been taking one of his. Yes, he has been having an orgasm every night (except the night he couldn’t handle a little Icy Hot on his balls) because it pleases me. Does it please him? Sure it does! But the other night he didn’t really look like he was in the mood. Tough! I want my orgasm. And I took it. Was it a long, slow blow job that curled his toes? Yes, indeedy. Did I have fun doing it? Absolutely! 

So how did I reach my “aha” moment? I found the hidden message when I played the record backwards. My key, my rules. There may come a time when my libido wakes up again and then I’ll figure out how to manage that aspect. For now, I’m giving him exactly what he asked for. I control his penis. It’s mine and I can give him an orgasm whenever I want.



  1. Author

    I think I just decided that it was ok for me to be pleased by pleasing him. It doesn’t have to be my sexual pleasure. Actually I think it’s still mostly to please him. It just amuses me more now. It seemed stupid to take sexual pleasure for myself when I have no desire for it. And everything I was reading said he should be pleasing me sexually. As far as being aggressive is concerned, it’s my twist on his being careful what he asks for. He wanted attention and control so I’m obliging him.

    1. Author

      You have it right! You surprised me with your approach, but it is completely valid. Who’d of thought a male could get too much sex!

  2. Author

    Actually, to me the rule is to make my keyholder happy. And the rule for her is to be happy with what we are doing. In reality it is much more complex. If you look a bit more deeply into any power exchange you will see that both partners work very hard to please the other. While the illusion in forced chastity is that it is all one-sided, the reality is that the top puts in a lot of effort to see that the bottom is satisfied. Not that the caged male gets everything he wants, but that he gets what he needs.

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