Rear Entry, Front Frustration

Stainless Steel Butt Plug
Heavy, stainless steel butt plug filled me for three hours. A fair trade for the dreaded diaper. Click the image for purchase information.

Last night there was a new twist to my forced chastity. Lioness let me take off my diaper, then she removed my cage and instructed me to take a shower and get all cleaned off. She also let me clean the cage which needed some soap and water too. It was heavenly getting clean without having to work around the tight bars. I couldn’t help but get hard during the cleaning. I was a good lion and didn’t attempt to masturbate, but you can bet I was ready to go!

When I emerged from the bathroom naked and clean, Mrs. Lion had the stainless steel butt plug (see photo on right) out with a tub of Boy Butter lube. Boy butter is specifically designed for anal play and is easy to clean up and very slippery. She lubed the plug and my butt and in it went. She told me that as long as it was nestled up my ass I could be without my diaper and cage. It was pretty uncomfortable at first, but after a few minutes I got used to its considerable weight.

After an hour, Mrs. Lion moved over beside me on the bed and began playing with me. Oh boy! I really wanted to come. She continued as though driven by a purpose. I hoped the purpose would be to let me squirt. I didn’t want to come without permission, so when I was almost ready, I told her I was going to come. I half expected to have her stop and leave me wanting, but she continued. The problem was that she only continued for about ten seconds and then when I was just ready to blow, she stopped and moved her hand away. It felt like a door was closing and I watched helplessly as my semen oozed out of my penis. I made a sad sound. Lioness looked pleased.

“Is that it?” I asked hopefully. “You know, I bet there is more if you want to do it again.”

“Probably,” she replied, but made no move to take me up on it. She moved to her side of the bed and I started the paused TV show. I lay there another hour as the plug grew uncomfortable.

After a few more minutes, I asked, “Can you take it out, please?” She nodded pleasantly and told me to roll over on my stomach. I turned over and she pulled it out. That hurt!

“I guess I pulled it out too fast,” she said. “Sorry.”

“No problem,” I said. It was good to have it out and also good to get some sexual attention. Beggers can’t be choosers.