Male Chastity: Activity Or Lifestyle?

Male chastity is initiated by locking up the male’s penis in a cage that makes it impossible to achieve an erection and ejaculate. At least that is the goal of the hardware. So, one would imagine that the objective of this practice is to prevent the male from having sex, alone or with anyone else. However, it’s a bit like pregnancy; you get that way by having sex, but once pregnant there is a lot more to do for the next twenty years or so.

Very few, if any caged males expect that sex prevention is the reason they want to be locked up. There is a not-so-subtle power exchange implied in the process. So, are we talking about a set of things to do with a caged male, or are we really embarking on a new lifestyle that will seep into every corner of our lives? A lot of folks work hard to keep the forced chastity and the sexual activities around it isolated from the rest of their lives. Is that possible?

Lioness and I are now about two months in to my 24/7 caging. I went in with expectations of some female topping along with controlling if and when I get to orgasm. Fortunately for me, lioness lets me orgasm twice a week so far. I like that a lot. Of course that could change at any time. She has also imposed weekend diaper wearing and forces me to bargain for occasional exceptions. All this fits in nicely with our initial concept. I also imagine there will be some discipline and imposition of other requirements. It’s an expected part of our version of forced male chastity.

The big question is that if we do this consistently and incorporate these practices in our daily lives,  have we moved forced chastity from an activity we share to a new lifestyle for us? I go both ways on this. In some sense I see that we have added some nice spice to our sex life and as such this is an activity. But then as I consider it more, it occurs to me that my being caged insinuates itself subtly into other unrelated parts of our lives. For example, if we are going to go out for dinner and then see a movie on a Saturday night, lioness has to consider whether or not I could enjoy the evening if I have to spend part of it in a wet diaper. Does she give me a “vacation” from my diaper? Does she let me sit in a wet one or try to hold my pee in? If she lets me out for the evening, does she exact a price later? Will I have to wear one during the week as well?

Granted, this is not a big deal but it is a new complication. On another level, should she make me wait longer to orgasm if I do something non-sexual that displeases her? If she does, are we now using forced chastity to support a more generalized female domination? Do we need to discuss it? In my case, I would accept such an extension, even welcome it. But will this change the way lioness views me as a man?

All of these questions wouldn’t even come up if forced male chastity was just an activity. They are very relevant because whether we asked for it or not, it becomes part of our lives; a new lifestyle. Everyone is different and how they approach the practice is individual. However, in many male fantasies about being caged, there is an underlying request for female dominance at some level. It may just relate to sex, and pleasing the keyholder, or it can extend into non-sexual parts of the couple’s lives as well. Either way is fine. The important thing is to be aware of what you both want and talk about it. After the conversation, let the games begin!