It’s Her Toy Now

Since being caged also includes male orgasm control, some interesting contrasts develop. During keyholder pleasing, the male’s penis is at the disposal of the keyholder for her pleasure. If this includes intercourse, the caged male is expected to provide the needed stimulation with his penis without coming himself. Some kind keyholders use desensitizing cream to numb the penis and help the male avoid an “accident”. However, the expectation is that he not allow himself to come and warn his partner if he is near the point of no return.

If he reaches this point before his keyholder is finished with her toy, a punishment is certainly warranted. A good, long spanking is appropriate. Interfering with a keyholder’s orgasm is a serious infraction, indeed. We caged males must learn to hold off our orgasms unless we have permission to come. For me, at least, this is very difficult. Nobody said that being chaste would be easy.

Sometimes the direct opposite ability is required. If a keyholder wants her male to ejaculate and orgasm, he should be able to do that on command or at least very quickly so as to avoid wasting the keyholder’s time and good graces. Failure to promptly produce semen is certainly grounds for being locked up without release and perhaps spanked as well.

Orgasm control, either holding off or squirting on command, is a key area of sexual training for any caged male. Our orgasms, no matter how infrequent, belong to our keyholders. We must efficiently produce our juice when required, whether by our own hands or by our keyholders. Another area of control is where we get to ejaculate. If our keyholder wants us to produce in a semi-public place, like a restaurant bathroom and then bring the proof to her, then we must do that too. The point isn’t that we will be made to do these things, it’s that it is completely in the control of the keyholder.

Many male fantasies in forced chastity are around being made to wait for a very long time between orgasms. Few realize that it is equally valid for a keyholder to require very frequent ejaculations; maybe even hourly for a day or more. We don’t have the right to expect our particular orgasm and orgasm denial fantasies to control what really happens to us. We turned that over to an independent person who will do what amuses her. That thing between our legs is not ours anymore. It is a toy that belongs to our keyholder to do with as she wishes.