The Turkey’s in the Oven…Errr…Water

sous vide turkey beeast
Sous vide turkey breast (not ours).

Lion made the cranberry sauce the other day. We now have two quarts of it. I know he likes it, but wow. Whatever he doesn’t eat today, we can put it in smaller containers and freeze it. I suspect we’ll be eating turkey again for Christmas. Not a complaint. Actually, it’s more of a hope.

A few minutes ago, I cut the turkey breasts off the bone and tied them together, fat end to thin end, so they’ll cook evenly. I sealed it in a vacuum bag and put it in the sous vide water. We are boiling (I know it’s not hot enough to boil) our turkey this year. We have no idea how this is going to come out, but it’s worth a shot. One year, we smoked a turkey. I’ve been intrigued by frying a turkey, but not enough to actually want to try it. It can be dangerous and seems just a little odd to me. Anyway, we’re having boiled turkey. [Lion — It’s not boiled! The meat is in a Seal-A-Meal vacuum bag. It’s nice and dry. The water is set to cook the bird to the optimum roasted consistency. Sheesh!] The sweet potatoes are in the oven. They get roasted, although I have a feeling there must be a way to sous vide them. We’ll have mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. No veggies. I mean, who has room or appetite for veggies? This is a meat and potatoes kind of holiday.

If I had bothered reading Lion’s email when he sent it yesterday, I would have known he was horny. I was in a push to get things done before our four days off. If we can get ahead, then those extra two days might not hurt as much. By the time I read his email, it was kind of late. However, as I did the dinner dishes, I decided we could play this afternoon before we were too fat to move from eating our boiled turkey. [Lion — Grrr. NOT boiled.] It’s also punishment day. I never did test out our new paddle. I think that should go on the weekend agenda. Maybe tomorrow.

I decided to give Lion something to be thankful for and told him he didn’t need panties today. He’s a free-range Lion. He’s still wearing his necklace. He asked me last night if I liked it on him. I said yes and asked if he liked it. He doesn’t. He does, however, like what it represents. Mission accomplished.


  1. Would you show a photo of the necklace again?

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