No Fun So Far

We were supposed to have some fun on Thanksgiving before dinner. It didn’t work out that way. So, then I thought maybe we could have some fun yesterday. Lion brought out the Edex and then we didn’t use it. It’s almost 2 pm and I don’t know if we’ll use it today. I’ve been doing a lot of chores around here. Mostly cleaning up things that I don’t get to cleaning up when I don’t have four days off. I’ve been a bit frustrated with things, but not as frustrated as Lion. He’s been wanting sex for days. I think I should put him out of his misery.

In my defense, he’s in his office until late afternoon most days. He’ll say I could tell him I want him for sex. I think if he wants sex, he would mention it. I know he has trouble initiating and then he thinks he’s becoming a chore. It’s really more of a problem when he says, “I guess no Edex tonight” after we’ve been hanging out for a while. Yes, I was probably on my iPad but that doesn’t stop him from telling me he’s hungry. Can he say, “I’m horny” instead of hungry?

I still haven’t tested out the new paddle. The original plan was to swat him the day after sex. Since sex has been elusive, so have the swats. I bet if I instituted the rule that he has to initiate in order to get sex, he’d initiate. And that’s more than bringing the Edex out to sit on his nightstand. He could tell me he brought out the Edex and then ask if we could use it. I’m not the desperately horny one. Okay, he never said he was desperate. But he is horny. Do something about it. (Not masturbation.)

On the other hand, he’s doing his own version of orgasm control now. It’s true I could deny him if he asks for sex. That’s one of the reasons he doesn’t like to initiate. Think of all the times I’ve had great ideas (to my mind) and he trashes them. Anyway, if he doesn’t want to initiate, maybe it should be fine by me. The longer he has to wait, the more desperate he may become. Will he finally initiate? I don’t know. It’s not like he hasn’t asked if we could use the Edex. How scared could he be?

Should I make a rule that if he doesn’t initiate, he gets spanked? How will I know he wants sex? He does tell me when he’s horny sometimes. He does bring out the Edex. If I work off of those cues, I could spank him if nothing happens that night. Of course, if he’s not feeling well or something else comes up, I wouldn’t hold him accountable. So, what do you think? I’ll start an impromptu poll here. Yea or nay for the new rule?