New Rule

I thought of a new rule while I was cleaning up after breakfast. Once I started packing up the old house, navigating to the kitchen was impossible for Lion, so he couldn’t set up the coffee pot. Obviously, I wasn’t going to punish him for not doing something that was impossible to do. Since we moved, navigating the house has been a huge challenge for him. Initially, there were boxes in his way. I’ve gotten most of the path cleared for him but, while I’m not saying he can’t go into the kitchen, it seems silly to make him set up the coffee pot. However, I do have a new rule for him.

Just before we moved, Lion got the brilliant idea to have me put his morning and evening medications in little packets rather than the bottles that were working well. (Can you tell I dislike this idea?) His reasoning is that there could be a buildup of nasty things over time in the bottles. I’m not sure what nasty things, but I guess I can see his point.

I have several issues with this new system. First, it’s a change and I balk at changes. Second, the little packets are annoying. I have to get the little jig into the openings and the pills often miss anyway. Third, it requires the use of a sealer which looks sort of like a paper cutter but it has a wire that heats up to melt the plastic closed. I usually set up his pills while we’re watching TV. Not anymore. I’m pretty much tied to the kitchen where I have power, a flat surface and more room to work.

Oh, boohoo. Poor me. Okay. I concede I’ll get better at making these little packets up as time goes on. On to the problem. The packets “live” in the bathroom, and Lion can’t seem to remember to bring them out with him after his shower. I have to do it. I think he should remember, and to  help him, I’m making it a rule. I’m sure it won’t take very long for his sore butt to get the message up to his brain – maybe a day or two.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll be swat-free. We still need to make his virgin butt slutty again.

[Lion — I was planning to move the little pill packets from the bathroom to a drawer in my nightstand. That was my solution. I see Mrs. Lion’s point. They’ll stay in the bathroom.]

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