For the first time in a long time, I remembered to check for Lion’s morning email. By 11:30, there was nothing. At 12:13, there it was. Unfortunately, the time said 12:11. I sent him back a reply that said his buns would be getting sore for being late. Poor Lion.

What prompted me to think about the email, was Lion’s use (or non-use) of the treadmill. He’s used it once since I reinstated the rule. I didn’t expect him to use it every day. At least, not at first. The second day, he said he’d skip. Then he was waiting for me to set up the new floor lamp so he can see the controls better. Then he was busy with some website maneuvering. I reminded him today at lunch. He said he’d use it later. Uh huh. I hope he realizes that he’s on the verge of another punishment. If his buns aren’t on the treadmill by tomorrow, they’ll be on the spanking bench. Again. And that’s being generous. By rights, I should add five minutes to today’s spanking if he doesn’t get on there today. Sometimes I’m too nice.

I do wonder if it would have more impact (no pun intended) for him if I added time or if I punished him two days in a row. Does he want to suck it up for five more minutes? Or does he want to get whomped for ten minutes on a sore bottom? I think I’d opt for the added time. If I’m in pain, I’d rather get it over with all at once. Of course, that’s assuming I got a choice.

When I waxed him the other day, he had a few sore spots. Of course, I gave him a few swats just because I can. Nothing hard. And then I made sure to poke those sore spots a few times. Just because I can. I didn’t really need to remind him he was sore. He had a very hard time even being in the soft bed after his punishment. Moral of the story: don’t piss of you lioness.

Remember that, my pet. I’ve got my eye on you.

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