Lion spread eagle tied to bed

Our sexual pattern has been a boner shot (Edex) and an orgasm every seven to ten days. Since the drug is expensive, and Mrs. Lion is still a little worried about my orgasms being fragile, we haven’t done a shot that didn’t result in ejaculation. My insurance helps pay for six shots a month, so the schedule fits that supply.

We haven’t used our restraints in ages. Actually, we’ve only used them once. Mrs. Lion doesn’t like the work it takes to set them up. With a guaranteed two-hour boner, her options are wide and a little scary once I’m secured. It will be fun to see what she comes up with for me. I know, be careful what I wish for.

I am over whatever got me the last couple of days. It feels good to be sorta back to normal. Right now (10 AM Wednesday), I’m imagining myself snuggled under the covers and napping. It’s a bit chilly inside and out this morning. I want my lioness snuggling with me. Sadly, she has to work and won’t be available until late this afternoon. I guess I could get a headstart on her.

Because I snoozed so much on Tuesday, we didn’t get to sleep last night until after midnight. When the alarm went off at seven, we were both tired. We are waiting for our replacement coffee maker. It might be another two weeks until it shows up. Fortunately, our coffee supplier, Porto Rico Coffee  (Peter’s Blend) in Greenwich Village, has a BOGO sale going on for Keurig K-Cups of the coffee blend I usually buy. The sale makes the price very reasonable. The coffee is great. Set your brewer for 10 oz, strong. I’ve been buying from this store my entire adult life. The coffee is great. The prices are reasonable, and shipping is free on an order over $75. We usually buy ten pounds at a time, put the coffee in Food Saver bags, and freeze it until needed.

We made another batch of minestrone soup on Monday. We had some for dinner on Tuesday. This batch was less like stew and more like a traditional minestrone. I added a bit more red pepper flakes to the soup than the recipe called for. The soup is a little on the spicy side. Still, it’s good and the right consistency. The recipe calls for 12 oz of V8 juice as the only tomato component. This time I added a can of diced tomatoes (with the juice) and a can of tomato paste to the soup. It made a big difference. We both like it much better this way.


Politics and spanking

I’m aware that in a sharply divided nation like ours, some people may find it impossible to enjoy our sexual/spanking content after reading my political opinions. I’d like to think that our readers are three-dimensional enough to realize that it isn’t necessary to belong to the same political party in order to enjoy and profit from our content.

For a very long time, I kept our posts about sexual matters. I figured our readers aren’t interested in anything we say on other topics. Then, after reading another sex blogger, whose initials are “Julie Delmar” offering her slant on things, I decided that there was no good reason not to express myself. It’s not like I’m worried about losing advertisers. We don’t have any. Losing subscribers? Again, no one pays to read what we say. So why not give my side of the story?

Based on our web stats, our readers haven’t left in droves. I’m sure that some were offended. Oh well, too bad. Maybe you don’t come here to learn what I think about the world around us. Maybe you can separate your political views from your feelings about the people who you read. If not, I’ll miss you, Don’t let the back button hit you in the ass.


It was my fault on Thursday night. I didn’t want a shot of Edex. We had a couple of issues with deliveries. I was expecting a CARE package from Katz Delicatessen in the morning. It didn’t arrive until a few minutes before 8 p.m. I wanted our dinner to be from the goodies I ordered. To further piss me off, the Instacart person who was supposed to shop and deliver needed groceries never showed up. Instacart needs a better way to handle things. They didn’t even notify us. We had to call them. Mrs. Lion had to redo the order. That didn’t arrive until after 9 p.m. All that static made me lose my erotic focus.

The groceries were ingredients for minestrone soup. I’m making a recipe from the “America’s Test Kitchen” website. It’s simmering on the stove now and smells delicious. Mrs. Lion took her lunch hour to get the ingredients out for me. We decided that with fall coming, we should start stocking up on soups and stews. We’ll probably eat a bowl of the soup today to see if it tastes good and freeze the rest.

I woke up horny this morning (Friday). No shock there. It’s been seven days since my last orgasm. Of course, I have no idea if Mrs. Lion will let me ejaculate. She does want me to do a shot of Edex. She promised to play at the least. Also, I forgot (again!) to send her a morning email. We both know what that means. Ugh!

My pattern with new rules is depressingly consistent. It takes a fairly long series of spankings before my memory is sufficiently imprinted with the need to do that particular chore. Maybe I’m not that bright. I know that Mrs. Lion is more than happy to oblige with increasingly unpleasant spankings when I can’t remember a simple rule. I guess there will be more blood on her paddles tonight.

The soup is done! We both tasted it and agreed it was good. Still, even though it is hot today (9oo F right now), we’ll probably do soup and salad tonight. We even have some Italian bread in the freezer to eat with it.

I am not happy that my penis is still not healed. I think things are getting better. It hurts less but still doesn’t look healthier. I’ll give it another day before consulting my doctor. This isn’t a topic I want to discuss. Enough of that.

I made New England Baked Beans yesterday. It’s a great recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. I love that website and their television shows. You can stream several seasons on the PBS streaming service. So far, we have this organization to thank for our bread-and-butter pickles, raspberry and blueberry jam, and now New England baked beans. There is a small price ($49/year) for a subscription to the site. You can sample it for free. Both of us are amazed at how easy the recipes are to follow and how good the food tastes.

Mrs. Lion and I both like comfort food. We consider it a treat to have hotdogs, beans, and potato chips for dinner. That’s not to say that we don’t do fancier, more expensive stuff as well. Last Friday we went to Costco and bought USDA prime New York strip steaks. As far as I know, that’s the only place you can go to get prime beef. Any prime beef on the open market is snapped up by restaurant suppliers. Costco, because they own their own ranches and meat processing plants, makes everything available to its customers. This includes precious prime meat.

If you haven’t had one, a prime steak can be cut with a butter knife. The meat is tender and beautifully marbled. We prepare it using a circulator. This is sous vide cooking. Mrs. Lion and I have very different ideas of how much cooking a piece of meat requires. I like my steak medium-rare. She likes her steak so well done that some restaurants require her to sign an agreement that she won’t send back the overcooked meat she likes.

We have two circulating pumps. I set mine at 127°F (medium rare beef). I set hers at 155°F (super well done). I have to remember to let her steak stay in the bath for at least two hours. When they are done with their sous vide process, I sear them in a very hot frying pan. In my case, the result is perfectly pink meat from top to bottom. Mrs. Lion has very well done beef. It’s not easy getting meat the way she likes. I understand why restaurants are reluctant to cook beef that much. I’m doing my best to get it the way she prefers. She thought the 155° meat was still a bit pink. [Mrs. Lion — Pink? It was red and too juicy for me. Blech!] Next time, I’ll run 165°. Live and learn.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I managed to get some chocolate on my shirt the other day. We know what that means. Here comes another spanking. She writes that I “want” to be spanked for annoying her. That’s not entirely correct. I want to help her learn to use spanking as a way to teach me not to do things she doesn’t like. It’s very difficult for her to let me know that I’ve upset her. I think it’s worthwhile to help her use spanking as an outlet. For the record, I don’t like punishment spankings.

It’s lonely around here on Mondays, Wednesdays too. That’s when Mrs. Lion goes to her office to work. She isn’t the only one who abandons me. When she’s not here, the dog takes the day off. She spends it under the bed, only coming out for a possible treat, to share my lunch, or when she wants to go outside to relieve herself. Otherwise, she sleeps peacefully where it’s safe and quiet.

When Mrs. Lion is here, the dog is always out. She stations herself between us. Mrs. Lion thinks it’s because as far as the dog is concerned, I belong to her. She doesn’t want any competition from my lioness. I’m not sure that’s true. It could also be that she doesn’t want to miss out on any excitement the two of us might cook up. In any case, when Mrs. Lion is home it’s much more of a party around here.

Over the last seven years I’ve talked about pretty much everything relating to our particular sexual interests. Mrs. Lion and I have both shared our adventures in male chastity, spanking, and female-led relationships. Most of the search engine arrivals on our site go to the informational pages that are referenced at the top of the page. This part, the blog, appears to have a fairly steady readership. It occurs to me that blogging would be a lot more interesting to me and perhaps to you if we broadened our coverage to our lives in general. At least that’s what I want to do.

I finally got around to baking bread. Julia Child did a program (season nine, episode 12) about making sandwich bread. It’s French white bread. I decided to try this recipe. I have baked bread before and I especially like creating artisan bread feature in the book Baking with Julia. In this book Julia Child cooks with famous bakers creating all sorts of goodies. PBS did a series that this book accompanies. Over a decade ago when I was out of work, I watch this series end-to-end and baked many of the items. I purchased a 6 quart KitchenAid mixer to do this.

One recipe that is really amazing is her sticky buns. This recipe calls for brioche dough. Whenever I attempted to make this, which is one of the heaviest and most difficult to produce, my heavy-duty KitchenAid would throw a gear. I would have to take it apart and reengage the gear inside. It was a royal pain. So, when I decided I wanted to start baking again, this was before Christmas, I ordered the 7-quart professional mixer. This one has an extremely heavy-duty motor. Shortly after receiving it, I did a batch of French bread. The mixer kept stalling while kneading the dough. I returned it for replacement.

It took KitchenAid almost 3 months to send me the replacement. Apparently they don’t make too many of these and my color (red) was out of stock. By the time the replacement came my enthusiasm for breadmaking had diminished. Saturday it returned. I watched the episode of “The French Chef” three or four times and then set out to bake. Mrs. Lion helped me set up the mixer and find ingredients. It went very smoothly. This dough consists of flour, milk, yeast, salt, and butter. I followed the directions and all appeared to go well. This dough has three rises. The first two take place in clean bowls and the last in the pan in which the bread is baked.

The first two rises were perfect. By the time we got to the third, it was after 8 PM. This one was very un-energetic. After over two hours it still hadn’t risen as far as it needed to go. We decided to bake it anyway. When it was finished, it didn’t have the beautiful square shape of Julia’s loaf. We set it out to cool. Mrs. Lion cut off a few slices and toasted them for our Sunday breakfast. I thought it was delicious. French bread has more body than most Americans are used to. It is a soft bread, but quite firm. I consider the baking a success even though it didn’t look perfect. I will try again soon.

Through all this, Mrs. Lion was a big help. Given my poor vision and relatively unsteady gait, she got most of the ingredients out for me and put them away when I was done with them. She’s not as fond of this new bread as I am. She likes the very soft American commercial white bread. Oh well.

Mrs. Lion mowed the lawn on Saturday. By the time she got back in the house she was tired and achy. Clearly she was in no mood for anything sexual. I was feeling a little horny but not enough to make it worth asking her. I’m sure Sunday night will be more exciting.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while I’m sure you’ve noticed that I tend to publish penis pictures. I’m pretty sure that most of our readers don’t find them particularly entertaining. I think I do it because it’s kind of vulnerable to me to expose myself this way. I’ve decided that it’s a better idea for me to not put the cock shots here unless they are absolutely necessary to what I’m writing. On the other hand, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anyone if I provided a link now and then like this one,  so that anyone who cares to can see. I could use some feedback on this subject. Please let me know how you feel.

I’ve been working from home for over a year now. Before I was put on furlough, I generally wore a T-shirt during the day so that I could participate in video conferences. Now that I am out of work and no more videoconferencing, I’ve been completely naked for the last two or three months. I don’t think I would be comfortable if I had to be dressed at home. Of course, it is not my choice.