sous vide turkey beeast
Sous vide turkey breast (not ours).

Lion made the cranberry sauce the other day. We now have two quarts of it. I know he likes it, but wow. Whatever he doesn’t eat today, we can put it in smaller containers and freeze it. I suspect we’ll be eating turkey again for Christmas. Not a complaint. Actually, it’s more of a hope.

A few minutes ago, I cut the turkey breasts off the bone and tied them together, fat end to thin end, so they’ll cook evenly. I sealed it in a vacuum bag and put it in the sous vide water. We are boiling (I know it’s not hot enough to boil) our turkey this year. We have no idea how this is going to come out, but it’s worth a shot. One year, we smoked a turkey. I’ve been intrigued by frying a turkey, but not enough to actually want to try it. It can be dangerous and seems just a little odd to me. Anyway, we’re having boiled turkey. [Lion — It’s not boiled! The meat is in a Seal-A-Meal vacuum bag. It’s nice and dry. The water is set to cook the bird to the optimum roasted consistency. Sheesh!] The sweet potatoes are in the oven. They get roasted, although I have a feeling there must be a way to sous vide them. We’ll have mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. No veggies. I mean, who has room or appetite for veggies? This is a meat and potatoes kind of holiday.

If I had bothered reading Lion’s email when he sent it yesterday, I would have known he was horny. I was in a push to get things done before our four days off. If we can get ahead, then those extra two days might not hurt as much. By the time I read his email, it was kind of late. However, as I did the dinner dishes, I decided we could play this afternoon before we were too fat to move from eating our boiled turkey. [Lion — Grrr. NOT boiled.] It’s also punishment day. I never did test out our new paddle. I think that should go on the weekend agenda. Maybe tomorrow.

I decided to give Lion something to be thankful for and told him he didn’t need panties today. He’s a free-range Lion. He’s still wearing his necklace. He asked me last night if I liked it on him. I said yes and asked if he liked it. He doesn’t. He does, however, like what it represents. Mission accomplished.

polyscience csv700 sous vide circulating pump
This is one of our two sous vide circulating pumps. The bags with food go into the bath for cooking.

Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“More Home Cooking“) mentioned our weekend culinary plans. We will be trying the first of two fairly radical recipes. I’ve been doing sous vide cooking for a few years now. I’ve limited myself to steak. If you haven’t tried it, a sous vide steak is perfect temperature from top to bottom.

The sous vide process uses a circulating pump to keep a bath of water at a precise temperature (withing 0.1 deg. F). The water is set to the temperture the food needs to be when it is perfectly cooked. For example, a mid-rare steak is at 127 degrees. F. The steak is seasoned and sealed in a plastic bag. The bag goes into the water bath for about an hour. Time isn’t too important It can stay in the bath for two hours without degradation. When nearly time to eat, I take the steak out of the bag and sear it for a minute or so on each side. Voila! it’s ready and perfect.

We watched an old Alton Brown “Good Eats” show where he made a tender roast from a very tough, cheap cut of meat with sous vide. He used a rump roast. That’s a particularly tough cut of meat. He made a wet rub for it, sealed it in a bag, and put it in a sous vide bath for ten hours. That was enough time to break down the tough tissue in the meat. Since the bath was 140 degrees F, the meat came ou a perfect medium level of doneness. That’s what we’re going to cook overnight tonight (Saturday). Yum.

On Sunday, we will make a nice pot of beef mushroom-barley soup. We love it. It’s perfect on a cold, damp day. Our most radical experiment is reserved for Thanksgiving. Every year, we make a turkey breast. This year, instead of roasting it, we’re going to sous vide it. The technique is wild. We take off the skin and remove themeat from the bone. We then use butcher’s twine to put the two halves of the breast together to form a cylindar. That goes into a bag and into the sous vide bath for about five hours. What’s supposed to emerge is a perfectly cooked breast. We crisp the skin separately. Wild, huh?


beef stew

Saturday before dinner, Mrs. Lion got out the spanking bench. I now have two sore spots, one on each cheek. She seems to bruise me in exactly the same place each time she spanks me. This time, she went well past the ten-minute mark. I was howling and kicking but she wouldn’t stop. All that pain for missing an email!

Daily panties continue. When Mrs. Lion spanked me, she left me in the little blue thong she put out for me that morning. She just pulled the ass string tight, joking about giving me a wedgie. My Sunday undies was a black thong. It’s odd to wear underwear that stops just above the base of my penis. My normal male undies go up to just below my belly button. The female stuff I’m wearing is way down below my hip bone. I’m learning to wear underwear that low.

On Sunday we made a batch of beef stew. I started prepping it, but my low vision made it hard to do anything useful. I did cut up the veggies. Mrs. Lion did the rest. Nothing like a good stew for Sunday supper. We’ll have enough to freeze for several meals. I’m very fond of stews. This recipe is fantastic. We use all beef even though it calls for lamb. Give it a try. We usually serve it over egg noodles (extra wide) or with French bread.

Maybe some lion riding in the near future

reverse cowgirl
closeup of woman in reverse cowgirl sex position

Mrs. Lion recently mentioned taking up sex again. She isn’t interested for herself, but she knows I miss it. It’s been over five years since We’ve had vaginal sex. Our normal position is cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. It’s difficult for me to orgasm when I’m ridden in cowgirl (Mrs. Lion faces my head). Orgasm is easy if she turns around and faces my feet. Cowgirl is the most reliable position for a woman to have an orgasm during intercourse. She can precisely conrol the position of the penis inside her. Her clitoris gets maximum stimulation. Ironically, cowgirl is the most difficult for a man to orgasm. The “spot” on the underside of his penis gets very little stimulation. However, reverse cowgirl puts his spot firmly in contact with her vaginal wall. Sadly, her clitoris gets little attention.

Now that we’ve both lost a lot of weight, lion riding should be a lot easier and more comfortable for Mrs. Lion. If she agrees to start out in cowgirl position, maybe she’ll have an orgasm and a good time. I hope so. I miss our lion-riding sessions.

lion spread eagle tied to bed

Our sexual pattern has been a boner shot (Edex) and an orgasm every seven to ten days. Since the drug is expensive, and Mrs. Lion is still a little worried about my orgasms being fragile, we haven’t done a shot that didn’t result in ejaculation. My insurance helps pay for six shots a month, so the schedule fits that supply.

We haven’t used our restraints in ages. Actually, we’ve only used them once. Mrs. Lion doesn’t like the work it takes to set them up. With a guaranteed two-hour boner, her options are wide and a little scary once I’m secured. It will be fun to see what she comes up with for me. I know, be careful what I wish for.

I am over whatever got me the last couple of days. It feels good to be sorta back to normal. Right now (10 AM Wednesday), I’m imagining myself snuggled under the covers and napping. It’s a bit chilly inside and out this morning. I want my lioness snuggling with me. Sadly, she has to work and won’t be available until late this afternoon. I guess I could get a headstart on her.

Because I snoozed so much on Tuesday, we didn’t get to sleep last night until after midnight. When the alarm went off at seven, we were both tired. We are waiting for our replacement coffee maker. It might be another two weeks until it shows up. Fortunately, our coffee supplier, Porto Rico Coffee  (Peter’s Blend) in Greenwich Village, has a BOGO sale going on for Keurig K-Cups of the coffee blend I usually buy. The sale makes the price very reasonable. The coffee is great. Set your brewer for 10 oz, strong. I’ve been buying from this store my entire adult life. The coffee is great. The prices are reasonable, and shipping is free on an order over $75. We usually buy ten pounds at a time, put the coffee in Food Saver bags, and freeze it until needed.

We made another batch of minestrone soup on Monday. We had some for dinner on Tuesday. This batch was less like stew and more like a traditional minestrone. I added a bit more red pepper flakes to the soup than the recipe called for. The soup is a little on the spicy side. Still, it’s good and the right consistency. The recipe calls for 12 oz of V8 juice as the only tomato component. This time I added a can of diced tomatoes (with the juice) and a can of tomato paste to the soup. It made a big difference. We both like it much better this way.

Politics and spanking

I’m aware that in a sharply divided nation like ours, some people may find it impossible to enjoy our sexual/spanking content after reading my political opinions. I’d like to think that our readers are three-dimensional enough to realize that it isn’t necessary to belong to the same political party in order to enjoy and profit from our content.

For a very long time, I kept our posts about sexual matters. I figured our readers aren’t interested in anything we say on other topics. Then, after reading another sex blogger, whose initials are “Julie Delmar” offering her slant on things, I decided that there was no good reason not to express myself. It’s not like I’m worried about losing advertisers. We don’t have any. Losing subscribers? Again, no one pays to read what we say. So why not give my side of the story?

Based on our web stats, our readers haven’t left in droves. I’m sure that some were offended. Oh well, too bad. Maybe you don’t come here to learn what I think about the world around us. Maybe you can separate your political views from your feelings about the people who you read. If not, I’ll miss you, Don’t let the back button hit you in the ass.