lion's balls
Yup, these are my balls.

Balls: rubber balls, bowling balls, baseballs, and yes, my balls. These bedonkers hang behind our cocks. Some women like to tickle and play with them. Some like to lick and suck them. Some like to slap them and tie them up. Others avoid them like the plague. Their owners also have diverse opinions about testicular attention. I, for one, appreciate all sorts of activities for them.

Most men will agree that their balls are very sensitive. It’s easy to hurt them in a very unerotic way. We protect them instinctively. You’d think that something as sensitive as balls wouldn’t be so exposed. They have to be. Sperm, the product that balls produce, is very delicate. It needs to be kept slightly below body temperature (98.6o F), but not too far below for viability. The scrotum is a thin muscle sheath that expands and contracts to provide a sort of sperm thermostat. There are also a lot of nerve endings in the scrotum.

fun and games

lion's balls tied tight

Assuming that the balls aren’t currently needed to fertilize an egg, they offer interesting possibilities to the adventurous female who wants to play with her man. The first step is to remove any hair on the scrotum and perineum. Hair gets in the way of most fun and games. Some soft, lightweight rope (Amazon 1/8-inch nylon rope) is perfect for the job. If you precut lengths (6ft, 3ft, 8ft) and seal the ends with a match, you will have a nice ball bondage kit. It’s a very interesting feeling to have my balls tied and separated. When Mrs. Lion gives me a handjob with my balls tied, they bounce and rub the bed under them. Using rope, winding it round and round, she can stretch my balls quite far.

lion's balls covered with clothespins

Another fun game for the adventurous lioness is to apply clothespins to the scrotum. Standard wood clothespins are a good starter (Amazon clothespins). They pinch, but not unbearably. Mrs. Lion likes to see how many she can get on my balls, perineum, and penis. Her record so far is 46. If she pulls the clothespins off without squeezing them open, it’s a whole new, painful experience. She removes them one at a time, allowing me a chance to “savor” each painful removal. Plastic clothespins (Amazon plastic clothespins) are much “gripper” and hurt a lot more than their wooden sisters.

icyhot spray

One of Mrs. Lion’s favorites is applying IcyHot (IcyHot spray) to my balls and perineum. She also applies the cream version and massages it in. She’s careful to avoid the versions that contain Lidocaine (an anesthetic). She wants me to feel the heat. This is one sort of play, like plastic clothespins, that I hate when she does it, but get aroused thinking about it. Mrs. Lion is perfectly happy watching me squirm as my balls roast.

Last but not least is a more exotic form of ball fun: electricity. Devices designed to cause muscles to contract using a small electrical charge are available at reasonable prices. We bought one to help me with shoulder pain. If she applies two conductive adhesive pads to my scrotum and then carefully turns up the juice, my balls will contract and expand with each pulse. Years ago, I had a friend with one of these machines, and she loved watching what it did to my balls. It didn’t hurt; it just felt weird.

clothespins on lion's balls

It seems Lion didn’t know he was the one who had to decide when to do a boner shot. Have I not been saying it for at least a week now? I even mentioned that it might be difficult for him because he has a hard time initiating. It doesn’t make any sense for me to decide when to do it because if he’s not in the mood, there’s no reason to waste the boner juice. Could he get in the mood if I make him do one and then tie him to the bed? Of course. However, I don’t want to take that chance. [Lion — No risk there! That would be big fun!]

Once again, he forgot to do his workday email. I didn’t even notice. I’ve been learning yet another new thing at work, and I guess I’ve been preoccupied with that. When I read his post for today, I realized he had forgotten. We both forgot. Last night, I wasn’t in the mood to spank him. I was waiting for him to do a boner shot after his shower. For a long time, he said one problem with his not being able to get an erection was that we played too late. He wanted sex earlier. I guess now that he can have a boner on demand, we don’t have to play early.

After dinner, when our bellies were full of minestrone soup, he asked me to bring him the Edex. I hadn’t planned what I was going to do to him. I still haven’t looked for the restraints. But clothespins and rope are usually easy to find. I picked clothespins. He did the shot, and I did the clothespins. In between yanking on the clothespins, I yanked on the weenie. And when I’d pulled all the clothespins off, slowly over time, I asked if he wanted me to suck him. Silly question, I know.

I admit it. I was mean. I got him going, and I stopped when he was getting close. Meanie. He was surprised. I’ve been somewhat afraid to edge him again, but since we’re back to playing, I figured edging is back on the table, too. I considered doing it a second time, but I really wanted him to have an orgasm, and stopping again might have made that less possible. So, he had his orgasm, and I had my cream filling.

Not much has been going on around here. We spent a quiet weekend puttering around the house. I’ve managed to stay out of trouble for over twenty days. At least, I think I have. Mrs. Lion may have lost some of her laser focus on my behavior. Since I decided to seek medical help for my erectile dysfunction (ED), Mrs. Lion hasn’t made a serious effort to either tease me or get me off. I think it might be worth a shot to try. I’m not completely broken.

We’ve driven over 400 miles in our new car and bought less than four gallons of gas. The gas tank is still 86 percent full. That means we’ve used just another 1 1/2 gallons of gas. Very cool. Gas is expensive here, near $5.00 a gallon. Electricity is cheap. We pay about twelve cents per kilowatt-hour. A full charge uses 12.4 kilowatt-hours. That translates to $1.48 for a full charge that takes us 33 miles. The math is easy.  Our car gets 30 miles/gallon when running as a hybrid. So, each time we run on electricity, we are paying only $1.50 instead of $5 for gas. Enough car talk.

non-sexual erections

One feature of the injectable that creates an erection is that sexual arousal isn’t needed at all. Inject the drug into the penis and, voila, it gets hard and stays hard for an hour or more. Every erection I’ve ever had came with sexual arousal. I’m having trouble imagining what it will feel like if I’m not aroused and still have a solid woody. Imagine having an orgasm and instead of getting soft as sexual energy drops, your penis stays as hard as it was when you started. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this concept.

In a very real sense, this drug-induced erection is truly Mrs. Lion’s toy. It’s available for service regardless of my interest. It’s a living dildo that happens to be attached to me. There’s no need to worry about my interest. The penis will stay hard until the drug wears off. According to the prescribing information, that erection can safely last up to four hours. Whew! The package insert for the drug says that if the erection remains for six hours, medical assistance is needed to prevent permanent damage.

Think about it. Control of my primary sexual equipment is taken from me. I wouldn’t expect Mrs. Lion to do it often, but she can order me to administer the drug and then make use of my penis any way she wants. This has to be the most primal power exchange. Once that drug is in my penis, it will get hard and stay hard with or without my cooperation. Before this drug, I had to be aroused to be hard, so painful penis play had to keep pace with my arousal and increased ability to accept pain.

That will no longer be true. My hard cock remains at attention and available, with absolutely no need for me to cooperate. That can make things very uncomfortable for me. It can also be a lot of fun for both of us. It’s a brave new world of cock and ball torture.

Happy Monday. As you may have seen, we’ve been making some improvements here. Besides being kinky, I’ve spent most of my career helping large companies improve communication with customers. Some of this work involved websites. Recent improvements in available technology offer the opportunity to provide better services to our readers. One of the most interesting is the availability of free, high-quality computer translation of text into different languages.

Machine translation has been available for years, but earlier attempts were rather crude and expensive. Google is a pioneer in the field, and it offers its services for free. It has a huge cloud computing division and leverages this to provide instant text translation. We use this service. When a visitor chooses one of the fourteen languages we offer, the page is instantly translated for them. I recreated our header/logo in each language as well. This is particularly exciting to me because one of my professional projects was to provide global opt-out pages for a huge company. We had to translate the pages into 92 languages at a cost of $15 a word. Now, our little blog has similar accessibility for free!

As you probably guessed, nothing sexual happened on Saturday night. I’m hopeful the weekend will finish with more of a climax. That depends on Mrs. Lion’s energy and my libido, two things that have been rather unpredictable lately. I found a product on Amazon that may amuse Mrs. Lion. It’s called an incontinence sheath holder (Image, right). It’s designed to hold a condom catheter on the penis. They are external catheters designed to capture urine.

The sheath holder is a velcro strap that fastens around the penis and keeps the catheter from slipping off. It’s exactly what Mrs. Lion likes to use on me. She puts it on when I’m soft. Then she stimulates me. The strap gets tighter and tighter. You get the picture. I ordered the item for her to try. She may need some inspiration to get back to her old standby: cock and ball torture (CBT).

Cock and ball torture is one male kink that many women find amusing. It shows an odd male quirk: the separation of pain and arousal. Many of the things that Mrs. Lion does to me hurt. Covering my balls with clothespins is painful, so is painting my balls with IcyHot. It’s obvious that I’m very uncomfortable, yet I’m hard. She can stimulate me, and I respond despite my discomfort. The velcro around my penis is an excellent example of this. The harder I get, the more it hurts. It doesn’t matter, I get hard anyway.

This is probably hard-wired into us males. If the survival of the species is a prime directive, then nothing should get in the way of procreation. I know for a fact that the more aroused I get, the less aware I become of pain. As long as Mrs. Lion keeps me stimulated, I can focus on the arousal, and the pain moves toward the background. There is a limit to this, but the effect is obvious to both of us. Maybe it’s fun to see this process. I’ve been teased about it by some playmates.