Like a Bad Check

While we say we sleep better when we’re together, the past few nights have not proved it. Even last night after I changed the bed Lion was up a lot. I’ve been sleeping but not well. No idea what’s going on.

There’s definitely less anxiety when we’re together. Lion jokes that he wasn’t sure I wouldn’t find someone better and wouldn’t come home. Even my ex. All spending any time with my ex proves is that I was right to leave. Maybe not right to leave the kids, but right to leave him. We’ll always have ties because of the kids but the less contact the better.

I know Lion is insecure but he’s stuck with me. I’m like a bad check. I’ll always come back to him. On paper I know it doesn’t seem like we belong together and I can’t explain it, but we do. It’s definitely cliche but we’d do anything for each other. I suppose that’s why I’m so willing to do most of the things he wants me to do to him. It makes him happy.

Tonight maybe we’ll snuggle and see if my weenie is interested in any fun. If Lion’s too tired my weenie won’t react. I’ll just try again the next night. I try never to put any pressure on Lion to play. If it doesn’t happen one night it will happen sometime in the next few nights. I’m pretty sure putting pressure on him would add to anxiety and not being able to play. Why would I do that to him?