Sandal Weather

Lion finally got a good night’s rest last night. I might have too. Sometimes I think I’m fine and then I’m face down a few hours later. Fingers crossed.

I’m hoping when we snuggle tonight, Mr. Weenie will be looking for fun. Lion was a little itchy and my neck was not happy watching TV while snuggling so that ended that adventure. We’ll be better tonight I’m sure.

I’ve been thinking every day is Friday all week. I think it’s because I didn’t really have a weekend while I was away. I was running pretty much every day. And I didn’t do any of the normal weekend things like laundry. Plus there are a lot of people on vacation at work so it’s been pretty boring without the normal side conversations going on.

The bottom line is that I’m ready for the weekend and a return to normalcy. With or without the Box O’Fun, I hope we can play. I can tie Lion’s balls or get him with the Icy Hot. I’ve also had my eye on the nail polish again. He hasn’t had pretty toes in a very, very long time. Since it’s summer, and sandal weather, I think he might need some color. Not that Lion wears sandals. Of course, he doesn’t normally wear nail polish. Maybe I can complete his look with a matching pair of panties. So many possibilities.