It’s A Great Trip

We’re very close to our 3,000th post. For no good reason this feels like a watershed moment in our blog’s history. I don’t have any information about other blogs and how we stack up. I’m pretty sure we’re in the top ten in our area of interest. So what?

I’ve been wondering that if once we pass 3,000 we slow the pace. Each of us writes a post almost every day. That’s a lot of words. In fact, it’s well over a million of them; almost all of them in the context of my penis. That has to be some sort of record. It’s a lot of prose about six inches of flesh.

Actually, it’s about a lot more. It’s the ongoing story of how a change in our sexuality affects our lives. The daily posts are a little like frames in a time-lapse recording of our lives. The real-life arc of our relationship is chronicled in this blog. Has the blog somehow merged with our reality so that what we write is a necessary part of us?

That may seem strange at first. Consider that every day I read what my wife is thinking about in relation to our sex life. I’m also reading her considered reactions to things I do or don’t do. She’s reading my reactions to what she does as well as what I think I want her to do to me.

It doesn’t stop there. There’s a subtext that reveals our individual emotional state. Feelings that may be unspoken, tend to get revealed here. Comments make us clarify what we might have glossed over. Neither of us is inclined to fabricate. What we write is what we are actually doing and thinking. Taking a trip through our archives reveals how we’ve changed over the last five years.

Some of our readers share our experiences. That’s very important to me. I love learning how others grow in our peculiar kink. How relationships change as the sexual power balance shifts. I’ve gone thorough different phases. Mrs. Lion usually indulges me; at least for a while.

What’s evolved is our own brand of a FLRD. It doesn’t really map to the popular fantasies, but it’s proving to be a sustainable feature of who we are as a couple. All these posts reveal how we got where we are. Because we write every day, we reveal the steps forward and back that we take. I like to read back to remind myself how we got here.

When we pass post 3,000 (in about a week), I plan to keep writing every day. I don’t think we have “arrived” yet. I don’t think we ever will. I don’t care. It’s a hell of a good ride.


  1. Author

    Seeing as I’ve only posted 132 posts, 3000 is impressive. I haven’t read all your posts but I must have read over 2000 of them. Continued success with your blog and your FLRD!!

    1. You probably know more about us than our families! I’m sure you do 🙂

  2. Author

    Yes. keep up the good work. You and Mrs Lion are an inspiration to those who aspire to a FLRD lifestyle.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

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