The other night I was thinking back to when I first met my lioness. From the very start, I felt that she was special. No, it wasn’t that we had anal sex on the first date, though that was wonderful. Something else was there that touched me deep inside. It took me a while to realize just what it was.

Before I met Mrs. Lion I was in a nearly decade-long relationship with a woman who saw herself as a slave. She needed to feel that she was owned. That sort of thing is fun as a BDSM scene, but gets very difficult when it becomes a lifestyle. I wasn’t obsessed with the need to own a woman, but she was cute and sweet. I learned to love her.

Because she needed to feel possessed so strongly, she referred to any property we had as “Yours.” It was your dog, your house, etc. I accepted it as part of the way she was wired. I won’t go into detail about the rest of the arrangement. I will say that we worked out a way to sustain the relationship for almost ten years.

When we broke up, I searched for some sexy fun. I went to an online dating site. That’s where I found Mrs. Lion. Yes, I found my lioness on the Internet. Her picture was a closeup of her face. She was smiling. It was a wonderful smile, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to try to meet her. Luckily, she didn’t live a million miles away. She lived about an hour and a half from my house. We met halfway at a motel. The rest is history.

Right from the start, after we finished fucking, I felt she was different. It wasn’t just her smile. When she spoke to me, she always used the first person plural. Everything was “we” and “us.” There was no “yours” and “mine.” I don’t think she was consciously aware of it, but even though we had spent less than an hour together, she referred to us as a unit.

I don’t know if, way back then, she felt a strong connection, but her language certainly signaled one. Those two small pronouns, “us” and “we,” moved me. They did. At first, it felt a little scary. Was I being trapped? By the time I got home from our first meeting, I felt the effects of her inclusion warming my heart. Her words didn’t trap me; they shared with me.

We had sex. We made plans. We shared our feelings and our bodies. That pronoun proved we were starting to share our lives. How many first dates are full of so much inclusion? She didn’t just give me her body. She shared much more. I wonder if she realizes how profoundly she affected me that day in August twenty years ago.

I had a lot of fun on Tuesday. Mrs.Lion spanked me for five minutes. She was gentle, so it felt more like a play spanking. That was followed by a nice handjob. Mrs. Lion used light mineral oil to lube me up. It was big fun.  It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve been spontaneous in our touching and snuggling. I blame our bed(s) for this. When we had a regular king-sized bed, it was very easy to touch in one way or another without any fuss or bother. Our current split-king–two xl singles next to one another–puts a kind of valley between us and makes it hard for us to congregate in the middle of the bed.

As you can see in the image, there is a gap between the mattresses. Even if we adjust them so they are at the same angle, it’s difficult to snuggle. We like the ability to adjust the beds. I generally stay up later than Mrs. Lion and keep my bed up so I can watch TV while she flattens hers to go to sleep. This wouldn’t be possible on a single mattress.

There are products that claim to “fill” the gap. I’m not sure that’s the answer. We have separate bottom sheets and a king-sized top sheet and comforter. Assuming there is a way to update the bed, it will cost a lot. Sleep Number mattresses are in the $2,000 range. Unless I sell a book, we probably can’t afford to do it, even if it is possible.

There’s another issue that has nothing to do with the bed. I watch TV and Mrs. Lion spends her entire evening with her head in her iPad. It’s impossible to snuggle while on Facebook or playing a game. Granted, the TV shows don’t require full attention, but being present with me isn’t possible as long as the iPad is king. This has been going on a very long time. Mrs. Lion is addicted to Facebook and iPad games. It may not seem like a problem, but the screen is a major distraction. By definition, it’s solitary. TV may be sort of mind-numbing, but it is a shared experience.

It would be unfair for me to demand that she abandon her Facebook habit. Maybe she can limit her screen time, so she is available for at least part of the evening. I don’t think she realizes what a barrier that iPad is. I hope we can work out a better way to be together.

We missed a day. I had an eye doctor appointment, and we didn’t have much to report. Mrs. Lion wrote her Saturday post and then went outside to work on the lawnmower. We’re back to normal summer weather here. It’s 65o F. That’s more like it. I’ve cut back on antihistamines, and my sex temperature is up. I have a little sore on my penis from Mrs. Lion’s handjob the other day. Sometimes she gets carried away. Maybe that’s not the right word. Perhaps she wants to get it done sooner, so she grabs harder and moves faster.

I had a very good time. I think that our massage table gives her better access. I like the change of venue. I wonder if Mrs. Lion gets her waxing stool out of storage if oral sex might be easier with me on the table. If I move down and let my legs hang over the end, she can sit on her stool between my legs. Just a thought.

It looks like inflation may be reversing a little. Silly things, like tuna salad from Safeway, went from $4 to $8. We can’t afford it now. Our KFC dinner was almost $10 more than the last time we had it. Our favorite pizzas jumped $7. Coffee from our favorite roaster in New York, Porto Rico Coffee (still the best place for great beans at good prices), jumped by $3 a pound. We don’t drive much, so gas prices don’t affect us. Basics, like coffee and food, are big problems for us. We’re eating more pasta.

I’m sure that you’re feeling the pinch too. So far, the cost of maintaining our online presence hasn’t changed. It’s disappointing that my tuna salad lunch and Neopolitan pizza dinners are out of reach. We have a lot of food in our freezer. Maybe when Mrs. Lion goes on a safari there, she’ll find some forgotten goodies; I’m glad I like spaghetti. [Mrs. Lion — Lion forgets that I bought him some cans of tuna so he can still have his tuna salad lunch.]

Mrs. Lion has had to do a lot of extra work around the house since my vision and balance suffered. She’s been incredible, picking up my share of the load and being loving to me. Apparently, some interpret our different points of view as a sign that we don’t get along. I can’t believe our love for one another doesn’t shine through our posts.

Every day, usually many times a day, we tell each other how much we are in love. Since Mrs. Lion works from home, we are together 24/7 and love it. She is the love of my life. In the 19 years, we have been together, I have been happy and grateful we found one another. Only death will make us part.

One feature of our blog is that we dissect parts of our relationship in an effort to communicate to you and each other how we feel about things we are doing. We are approaching our 6,000th post. We’ve reported on our sexual activities almost every day since February 2014. You won’t find any serious issues in any of them.

It takes deep trust and love to sustain a disciplinary relationship. It only works if both partners feel a sense of fairness and love. Mrs. Lion’s spankings hurt a lot. I never feel they are unjust. She knows that no matter how much my bottom hurts, my love is unshaken. In fact, I love her more because I know she is doing it because I want and need it. Make sense?

A couple with a stressful relationship can’t do male chastity and domestic discipline. Stress inside a relationship involves distrust and a belief on some level that actions are being taken without concern for the relationship. Sure, I do selfish things sometimes. Most of the time, I get spanked when I do. Mrs. Lion doesn’t do selfish things very often. Actually, neither do I. When she does, she apologizes.

It takes a lot of love to maintain a 24/7 power exchange. It also requires complete trust in one another. I’m very happy that we have both.