waxing balls with no strip wax

Well, I don’t come with an instruction manual. Mrs. Lion lamented about that yesterday (“No Reason For Spanking“). In my defense, I would like to remind her that “Everyone knows that lions don’t have pubic hair.” I’ve been told that my entire adult life. That state has to be maintained one way or another. I’ve been subjected to laser hair removal (worked well and only left a small patch), shaving, epilator, and now waxing.

The laser treatments didn’t cover my perineum, butt, or my balls (hurt too much!). Mrs. Lion has been removing my hair for 20 years. We settled on waxing a few years ago. A treatment leaves me properly hairless and lasts at least a month before Mrs. Lion’s nose gets tickled. She’s gotten very good at it, and it takes less than an hour to get me properly hairless again. She doesn’t like the work of dragging out the massage table and waxing equipment.

Lion’s last spanking (Click image to enlarge)

The other chore she complained about was spanking. Again, everyone knows that lions need discipline. Training is best achieved with consistent application of paddles when an infraction occurs. She’s been spanking me as long as she’s been keeping me hairless. Spanking is good exercise for her. It builds shoulder and arm strength. It’s also been proven to change my behavior.

She could outsource the waxing. There are places around here that do male Brazilians. Sadly, there are no spanking parlors available to discipline me for her. She’s on her own there. Of course, there are sex workers who do BDSM for money, but I’m sure Mrs. Lion has no interest in outsourcing to one of them. If she wants to farm out her spanking, I’ll bet there are some women who would answer an ad for the opportunity to do it for her. She belongs to a local Facebook group where she could put out her request.

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  1. I think the Lion is stepping into uncharted waters but Like to see Mrs Lion reply blog remember ( outsource Lion) .🇦🇺🔐🐓

    1. Author

      So far she’s against outsourcing. She just sighed and said she would get to all of it this weekend.

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